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Reiki for Vaastu defected places

By admin | In Success Stories | on February 13, 2011

Reiki for Vaastu defected places

Fellow Energies, we all at Reiki Energy Healers are really thankful and grateful to you all for helping us in sharing useful and helpful articles here. Since we had been trying to update our website every day with some or the other article, it really gets tough for us to think of new topic or article. However, it is really great of you all here, so as to interact and give us such great ideas.

As most of the Reiki Energy Healers had been doing healing for almost everything, we started to think that where else, we should start our actions. Also, we had been reading, but kind of ignoring the Advertisements in newspapers and magazines about Vaastu remedies and Vaasru consultants. In India, Vaastu consultants are helping living a better life or clearing off the negativity of some home, office or any industry. Now a days, most of the locations are constructed as per Vaastu, if one is a firm believer of it. However, if someone feel that their home or office or industry is not going on well, they call the Vaastu consultant to see if the location of anything is bad and need to be altered. Some of these consultants talk about re constructing the place, which means a lot of expenditure, but some are giving a wonderful, less costly affair.

After checking the Aura of some Vaastu defected places, we tried giving Reiki to such places. First of all, we visit one of such place where the Vaastu consultant has advised a lot of new constructions to our friend. We than started our Reiki process with purifying and burning off all the negativity of one corner. After our purifying, we charged it with our Reiki symbols and also lock, seal and established Reiki energy there, so that all the positivity stays there for long. We also kept some Reiki charged Crystals and other Charged instruments for better Reiki effect. Similar operation was done to every corner and every wall of his place.

After one whole week of our Reiki healing, we asked if he felt any difference and were really happy to see his smile. He said he had got some real good new orders and every one in his factory premises, including his staff and workers were feeling too positive and enthusiastic after the healing.

Than we also did the same to some other places, which were distant and we just got photos of the locations. We tried to send Reiki healing through those photographs and send our Reiki Charged crystals and equipments by courier to our receiver. We also told what to place where and how. We also advised them to use rock salt solution to cleanse it and energize it regularly.

Thanks to you dear fellow energies for your kind suggestions and comments, which helped us in our new articles here.

Love and Light to you and yours.

Vineet Jain

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