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Reiki finding ways and reasons to unite energies

By admin | In Healings, What is Reiki | on April 1, 2013

Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for your kind support, queries and emails, for they are a source of inspiration for us and many other fellow energies.  We are thinking, trying to learn from your every mail, question and than trying to share all what we are able to take from your various queries. We know that some of your queries may look negative or bad to some of the energies, but after a long and detailed understanding, all will be able to realize and get the point what we too got after a long time.

Today, we got a call from our fellow female Reiki Master, who was having a sort of stressful life with her loving husband for over a period of two years. She visited our Reiki center and we discussed about it, but it was just a brief discussion, as I felt that she will be able to work on it after our meeting, and there will be some good improvements in her life. We told her that we keep our Reiki center fully charged and protected from any kind of negative energy, so since she devoted some of her time with us, her blockages will start burning in a faster and effective way. 

Today morning, we got a call from her, and she was sort of upset and confused a bit, and we were same for sometime after hearing what she had to tell. She told us that since last about 2 years, she and her husband were living in same house, but like strangers, and there was nothing like a good communication between them. After she returned from our center, the same evening, she took permission from her husband to place the camphor burner, with camphor and rock salt, so as to keep protected from mosquitoes. This was a very hard step from her, but she was pleased as her husband accepted it, and thus, she finally placed it. Next morning, there was a bad and shocking news awaiting on the breakfast table, when her husband told her that he might have to shut down his office as the business was low, and al of his belongings might move in to home. She was shocked, and so were we, but we felt that this could be a small indication and hint of Reiki cosmic energy to bring them closer again. 

She asked us to start Reiki healing for his business, and since her trust on Reiki was already on the rise, we are also sure that all will be back to normal as earlier in their life. Reiki will help in giving them back of their love, harmony and all the finances needed to restore their business. We know that most of the energies will get confused after reading this article for what is happening in their life and how did it happened. I will just say this in simple words, that since the personal relationship got the blockage, their Heart Chakra blocked, and so did their finances and business. Now, Reiki is just trying them to understand the value, importance of their partner, so that they regain their lost love, passion and restart their love life.

I am sure that their business will again be restored to normal or will be getting much more height than what it was. I am grateful to Reiki healing energy for choosing us as a medium to guide and spread the positive affirmations and love in this universe.

Reiki Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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