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Reiki Energy helped to relieve the Gastric trouble

By admin | In Healings, Success Stories | on May 12, 2013

Dear Readers,

Every day is a new day when we come across how Reiki energy has helped us to heal, both living and non-living. It is true and possible to heal if we have positive intention to continue healing, the results turns out to be positive, too.

When we see the complete healing has given a fruitful outcome our faith in the healing process progresses more from where we might have started. Today I am going to write about the curing to gastric trouble. We have often seen people with weak digestion resulting into severe gastric problem at times patient also lose their life due to wrong diagnosis.

The gas in the body either travels in upward motion or downward motion and results in severe stomach ache or when it travels to upward it creates a panic. The patient thinks that he/she would die if not given first aid in time or taken to the hospital in time. I have come across such cases. One of the cases is my own mother.

My mother often suffered from gastric pain. She would feel the pain neat her heart. The pain would occur during evening hours if she left her stomach empty for some time. Whenever such situation occurred she would complain of severe pain near her heart, and she would come to the conclusion that she is suffering from heart problems. The very next day we would then take her to the clinic where after a routine check the doctor would give a clean chit that she is completely fine.

Later the doctor prescribed her some gastric related medicines and advised her to take it on regular basis to avoid the pain as the gas would travel in upward motion, which was very painful to bear and also created false impression of heart disease. For few months under the medication she was completely fine. Then as per the advice of the doctor she discontinued the medicines.

One late evening she suffered through the same pain, and was unable to bear it. At that time I was practicing meditation and was giving distance Reiki to someone. She had come to my room to inform me, but seeing me in busy in healing she left without informing me about her painful condition. During the healing I realized that my mother had entered my room, even realize that she was having some trouble, but as I was engrossed in the healing, first completed the process, then I called her.

Inquired from her, what had happened to, and the reason why she was awake till twelve in the night. She told me the again the gastric pain had occurred and there is piercing pain near her heart. The pain was so excruciating, she refused to go to bed, afraid that it was a heart ache.

I asked her to sit on my bed, and then locating the area of the pain first I visualized her completely in white light for few minutes. Then I placed both the palms onto the area, where she was complaining of the pain was oozing. Again I visualized the area of the pain near her heart and started healing process.

After a small prayer I drew the traditional symbols , master symbols and then after some minutes I drew the non-traditional symbols Vasudha, Apta, and Rama, visualizing the symbols in white color. To my surprise my mother felt relief in ten minutes. But I continued healing for some more time. Her gastric problem still exists due to her irregular food habits, but the gas now travels towards downward motion. Now whenever she complains of pain in her stomach, I give her a glass of water after drawing the power symbol and chanting the symbol for eleven or twenty-one time. The pain eases.

From my experience I can say sky is the limit to understand the miracles of Divine Energy-Reiki energy.

I thank my parents, my gurus, my guide and all the fellow Reiki energies for their support and help.


Jhuma Roy, Email:jhuma25@gmail.com

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