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Reiki Energy Healing for Black Magic

By admin | In Healings, Success Stories | on June 10, 2013

Dear Friends,

I am thankful for this platform where we get an opportunity to share our experience of encountering with the Reiki energy. I have been a witness to many incidences where the situations seems to be out of hand, and when the situation or the individuals are introduced to Reiki energy healing they experience change in their lives. A friend of mine had the same experience with Reiki energy. He requested to me to keep his name under wraps, and gave me the permission to write about the experience he had before the first degree attunement. So I changed his name to John to address him in this article.

I met John in a class last year . We just knew each other by face; sometimes he would join us for a cup of tea after the class. Whenever he would interact with our group I would take a close notice of his approach, and would wonder that there are some issues with this guy. His behavior towards others was too suspicious. If he ever started to talk then there were fewer pauses so our group friends would try to keep a distance with him.

Though we all introduced each other and added on a social site, I paid less importance to him in the friend circle because we were different in our profession as well as there were less interest in interaction with him. Suddenly a month back he wished me on social site , and I too did the same. During the conversation he informed that he is going through stress and is in a position where he could loose his job and may commit suicide. After the chat I felt that if this person is truthful then he may get guided my Reiki energy. So I informed him about Reiki because I had been witnessing changes through it and its power to heal, has helped me to cope with stress and family problems. He informed me that he has less believed in God or anything associated with God, and neither he is religious, how can he put faith in Reiki.

I advised him to go to net and do some research on Reiki. He did what I suggested to him, then I asked him to be in communication with Vineet Jain (My guide), and inform him his problems. He tried to do the same but their meeting over the phone seemed to be impossible. When John had time , my guide was busy and then he had time John was tangled in work and thus their communication was impossible. This continued for many days. In the meantime whenever he would give me information about his progress and non-materializing of communication, I would feel bad and lose my patience because I ws able to realize that his condition was slipping out of hand. My heart was constantly informing me that John is in trouble and should be guided before he takes any drastic steps.

In those days his self esteem was very low and I was constantly praying and visualized him in white light to avoid any further emotional destruction in him, it was a year we had met face to face with each other. I decided that as he is in the same city where I live, let him meet my Gurus. I gave him their phone number, so he could interact with them and take out time to get some healing for himself. But he was unable to go to the destination due to some reason or the other, and he kept on giving me some excuses. One day I got agitated, and shouted at him over the phone, told him that if Reiki energy can heal me and help me to overcome any negative situations , what is holding him from interacting with my gurus in time otherwise the negative thoughts in him may take a toll on him.

My anger worked as miracle on him that day , immediately he took an appointment and left for healing and guidance from my gurus. On the first day when he reached there he told one of my guru everything about his life and his problems, my guru listened to him and continued healing him, after the session when he came back home he felt relieved from many things which he was unaware of , then he went for another two sessions. On the third session he was asked to come on Saturday evening after all the patients left. John went there as per the appointment. He was bit nervous on that day, but my guru tried her best to keep him calm before the start of the session. Then the healing started. It was done by three grandmasters that day. One grand master was replaced by another, then by the third grand master. During the healing John felt as if his body had turned hard like a log and was unable to move. This feeling he had all through the healing. After some half an hour, he felt something left his body and he was immobile for few seconds.

When he recovered his senses back, he inquired about the stiffness he felt during the healing. My gurus informed that he was under the spell of black magic and slowly it was destroying him. John felt himself lucky when he got introduced to Reiki Energy before further deterioration could take place. Luckily the next week was Reiki First Degree, and John agreed to attend the session and get attuned. He wanted to clean all the blockages he had developed and was eager to move ahead in his life.

After first degree attunement and self healing he started realizing that the impossible situations which he was unable to face before are getting resolved without his interference, his habit of late night awakenings, and bad habit of drinking are cured. His personal problems were getting solved without his interference , he felt that Reiki energy has taken his responsibility and guiding him at every stage in his decisions, also cleaning his blockages, and giving him what was his right.

He was obliged and wanted to help me every possible way he could, because he thinks that I am responsible for bringing his parents closer to him, with whom he had interacted three years ago and was yearning to go back to them. In my heart I thanked my gurus, my guide, and all the energies for their support and help for helping me to take my friend and introduce him to the energy. In Reiki energy healing we consider that there exist two kinds of energy positive and negative, cleaning the negative energy and replacing the space with positive energy, gifting the individual what he/she deserves. I thanked John for giving me the permission and opportunity to write and share his experience with all the energies on this platform. Thank you All for this opportunity for sharing the experience.


Jhuma Roy, Reiki Master, SEO,

Email: jhuma25gmail.com

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