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Reiki Energy Healers – Our Mission to give what you have been ignoring in life:

By admin | In What do we do | on September 28, 2010
  • Reiki Energy Healers – Our Mission to give what you have been ignoring in life:
  • We try to teach you about Reiki on the scientific grounds. We try to give you facts and examples of the way, our life should be. The ignorance of Reiki or our own powers is there, and we need to cut out and be open to accept all that is changing in the world. We must understand the reality and true facts, which we are not able to see.
  • We try to give you a new style of living, and our workshop which includes teaching you to live with gratitude, to live and eat nutrition food, a need of meditation, and a change in our thinking and working process.
  • We need to see what we are doing, and correct our lives, by not to trust the myths, superstitions etc. we need to get away from the negative people, like black magicians and other astrology fears. We with the help of Reiki, can burn all the negative energies, in and around us. We will be able to perform all such things, which otherwise were not possible by us.
  • We are a small group, which is having a few students in India, and a few almost in every part of the world. We do not want to make students, we just want to spread positivity, light and happiness all over the globe.
  • We at Reiki Energy Healers are a small group of students, who believe in growing with centers or students, and we want to create good and positive energy all over and to create love and happiness all over.
  • We try to illustrate all the practical trainings, with the palms, copper rods and dowsers.
  • We did our degree and Grand Masters with RHF ( Reiki Healing Foundation in Delhi, India) and are enhancing our learning through self realization and meditations.
  • We have yet to receive any Prizes or any awards and are happy to announce that we do have our 100% positive results till date in healing done by our students.
  • We are trying to keep our manuals written by ourself and keep updating our website, when and where it is needed. We also keep updating our students with Newseletters, if they need, after signing on our Website.
  • Reiki Energy Healers is having a Huge success rate of Distance Healing in case of Kidney damages, Liver damages or even Cancer. We also provide crystals and clusters for giving more enhanced charge to the receiver or recipient’s home or works.
  • We try to do our best and pay Gratitude to our Teachers, Our Parents, Our friends and everyone, who taught us and is teaching us till now. We are Grateful to all who gave something to us and taught us, and helped us teaching you all now.
  • We do have many student Grand Masters, who keep support and help us with their new thoughts and visions for the better healing and better teachings.
  • We give them all the support needed to establish on their own, with certificate guidance or crystal support on a very reasonable price.
  • Here, at REH, we keep a regular contact with our students and a follow up, on what they are doing, and what mistakes they are making, so as to make them a Good Healer or a Reiki Grand Master.
  • We at Reiki Energy Healers, try to help people in leaving drug habits, smoking habits and even drinking habits. We here, try to give all a habit of positive lifestyle, and leave behind all the negative. After coming to us, most of students leave bad habits for life and have a new era of love and happiness and success.
  • We at Reiki Energy Healers, try to motivate our students to learn as much as they want to learn, keep meeting or communicating and clearing any doubts if they have. We also make their path open and clear, so that after their Grand Mastership, they are open to the world and are able to learn on their own.
  • We have our students and clients in almost all parts of the world. We had our Reiki workshop in Dubai, and our students in Dubai are giving us good news of good healing results regularly.
  • We at REH try to open the eyes of all, and teach the real facts behind Yantras, Mantras, Gem Stones, Color secrets and benefits, How to get what we want in life and How to be successful and happy always in life.
  • REH is one of those places, where we teach our Grand Masters to create new symbols, or to energize anything in the world. We also teach them to create new healing methods and new way of meditations. We let our Grand Masters to go and spread love and light to the globe.
  • At REH, we guide to check the problem of any person from distance, without asking. Therefore, our students are able to heal any patient better, and have the confidence to heal faster with a positive approach.
  • We at REH, teach our Grand Master students to do a small healing for the world and for Global warming, as our moral duty. Once they are Grand Masters, they learn and follow all what is taught and are a part of Energy, which we believe.
  • Love and Light.

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