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Reiki Chants for Wonderful healings for Self and Others

By admin | In Meditation | on August 31, 2012

Fellow energies, we are thankful to you all for your enormous response to our articles and are grateful to all of your emails. We are pleased to read so many of your emails and kind comments, and are really obliged to have you here, reading the posts on our blog. We are really amazed to see that there is so much innovation and so many new ideas in for Reiki healing and invoking of Reiki, which we have never thought of. Reading your articles, made us too much of grateful towards our common Reiki teacher, Mikao Usui.

Today, in this article, we are sharing another article by our fellow Reiki healer, Mr Sriram Bharat, who is using Reiki in a marvelous way and his techniques are going to please you all too. This tremendous use of new ideas and implementing of better, positive affirmation will help us all in burning blockages from our life and lead a love filled happy life. We all as are taught and have learned from our Reiki teachers, have to invoke Reiki energy, before starting our self healing or any other energy. Now here, Sriram has given us all entirely a new definition and perception for our calling, inviting of invoking of Reiki energy.

Today I m going to discuss about the way we have to show our love, affection and gratitude towards our Reiki symbols.
I am lucky to share this article for the first time in this website by helping some fellow Reiki energies and also
spreading the positivity of love and light for our Universal Life Force Energy (Reiki).
Really I fall in love with these symbols for some time and this will apply to all the readers of this article. (Also
Listening to Mantras, which I will be sharing here). Many of us were unaware of the fact that these symbols have their own mantra ability how the other mantras have in their own.
Love & Affection:
While calling these we have to show the love and affection towards them as we are calling our dear ones or most loved
ones in our life. See there is a difference in the response of other person by the way we call them same thing here applies
for Reiki energy as well. So by the proper pronunciation along with the love and affection towards the symbols will surely win in
manifesting. While calling like this these symbols always connect with us and we can use them at any time effectively
to get desirable results that are for the highest good.
In the Reiki gratitude prayer we have to show the gratitude towards these symbols by saying thank you along with our masters
and gods.
This is one of the best way to use in meditations. As many of our teachers say to have slow and soft music to have better
concentrations. If we use this we can have better connection to Reiki as a healer. And this will takes you to next level in our in-journey.
Om or Aum:
Use: Purification, calming any energy, giving love and comfort, to be visualized in white color for better results.
Pronounciation: Aaaaah ooo mmmm.

Purpose:Any (since it an universally known Chant, it help everyone to burn the blockages. The more time you take to chat one Auuuuuuuuuum, more the self blockages are burnt.

Use:Relaxes Physically,Mentally and Emotionally etc.
Cho Ku Rei:
Pronounciation: Cho kuu ree

Purpose:Power Symbol, used in purifying, healing, establishing Reiki energy. Also used for continuous flow of Reiki energy in any energy, protection of valuables. To be visualized in white color fir better results.

Use:As many times as you can which increases power inside you


Sei hei ki:
Pronounciation: Sei Hei Kee

Purpose:Mental Symbol, emotional and balancing symbol. Also is used for finding lost or misplaced energies.

Use:As many times as you can which release emotional and mental pains(Once again i repeat
My suggestion Listen to this when you are facing any Emotional pain or sorrows)


Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen:

Pronounciation: Hon Sha Ze Sho nen

Purpose:Connection Symbol

Use:As many times as you can chant but we have to use it only once on the receiver

Note: If possible take this idea and make your own album for chant by recording your own voice for better output.

 All the Best
Fellow energies, we are grateful to Mr Sriram Bharat for sharing such a unique article with us and are sure that there will be many more coming in future. We are thankful to all of you, who ever is reading the articles here and are grateful to our Reiki teachers, who helped us in getting at this stage, where it is easier for us to communicate and exchange different views and energies. We are grateful to our english teacher Mr Anil Langar, Mr Jitender and Navneet Mathur and you all. Thanks.
Reiki blessings to you all and yours.
Vineet Jain

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