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Reiki and Intention for Weight Loss

By admin | In Reiki Experiments and us | on July 1, 2013

Dear friends,

Writing after a long time. I was wondering what to write in this section for the article because I was yet to come across some event related to Reiki healing. Some of the healing is in the process, till I achieve a result I am unable to plot it down for you all.

Last Sunday while doing my own introspection and thinking about Reiki, I pulled the dust ridden weighing machine from my book shelf and stood on it. To my surprise I weighed some six kilos less from my original weight. When I had started practicing Reiki my weight was 60 kilograms and I looked bit bulky. It affected my knees too.

I felt great and also wanted to share with you all how I got the result in these six months. I learnt First Degree Reiki in the month of December2012, and Second level in the mid of January2013. We all know that in second degree we are taught to heal with the help of symbols, this helps the fast healing. That time when I was doing my own healing, one day a thought came to me, how can I take care of my weight and look slimmer , can this Reiki Healing help me to manage the weight issue, I was skeptical. But I wanted to experiment with it, I was trying to find out how I can do it and tune it for good.

One day while healing myself with the symbols, I got a thought of stitching process. What to stitch and how to stitch? So I can look slimmer. I did a process and followed it diligently for three months every day. For the first month I visualized in my third eye that I have a needle and thread in it, this thread is made of white light. Then I visualized the portion of my stomach from where I wanted to lose weight. I decided to visualize the fatty sides of the stomach in white light and stitched it with the needle and thread that I had visualized before.

There was an intention also accompanied with the stitching of the fatty zone. I gave the intention that I am stitching that much part from where I want to reduce fat and look slim. So I stitched half centimeter each from both sides and even gave the intention where I saw it working effectively for twenty four hours continuously for one month, and with this I continued healing my other parts of the body and seven chakras too. I took care of my diet; I ate healthy and continued healing myself. Through this process after a month I measured the stomach portion and saw that I have reduced two centimeters.

I felt great and took another step following the process that I mentioned above in the article, I tried the same for the waist and thighs. In the mean time I had completed Reiki Third Degree. This time I gave thought and implemented the master symbol, along with the other traditional symbols. To my surprise the effect was more compared to what I had achieved before third degree. This process I continued for next two months. After the third month I tuned it for a particular period. I gave the thought that I am visualizing my waist trimmed in everyday process of healing, seeing it in white light and stitching it with the thought given needle and thread.

Friends when I achieved this I felt happy and weight wise light, because I am bit lazy to continue with exercise. Still I try to keep a part of light exercise along with the positive thought. I still continue drinking hot water at least three cups a day, this too has helped me in  weight management.

I try to use or associate issues of my life , try to solve it with the Reiki healing and till date I have passed salt test. There are moments where if I find that there is experiment needed and this I can do it on myself first I practice and once I achieve result I share it with you all. There are ways and means of achieving goals of every kind. We have to have faith and stick to it with patience. Being a Reiki Energy Healer, I always pray and ask the supreme energy to show me or guide me how I can achieve results in my experiments. There are at times during healing I have come across few symbols.

I am thankful to my guru for introducing me to Reiki, my guide and my parents for supporting my visions and thoughts and helping me to write the experiences I encounter with Reiki energy. Thank you Reiki Energy and all my other energies.

Jhuma Roy, SEO, Content Writer,

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