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recheck before you start healing

By admin | In Science of Reiki | on February 5, 2013

Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for your acceptance and liking of the articles shared by us and your kind understanding for them. We are trying our best, so as to share everything we learn with time, so that you are also able to learn and experiment the same. The purpose of our sharing everything here is for some of the reasons as we discussed earlier. Today, we are again sharing the things we need to consider before starting any healing as we need to check a few things before jumping into any conclusion.

We are sharing one small incident once again which we had shared earlier too, though this time it happened with one different fellow Reiki practitioner of ours. She asked me last evening about how to heal her daughter, who was having a severe headache. I tried to check the vibration status and also realized that the kids today are used to oily and spicy food, which could give gastric trouble. Due to this all, I asked her to give touch Reiki healing at her Solar Plexus and Heart Chakra, along with the Brow Chakra. She later told me after about an hour, telling me that she did as I asked her to do, but was confused on how did her daughter recovered by healing Solar plexus, while she was having pain at Brow and Crown Chakra. I explained her a bit that I was feeling the blockage at the Solar Plexus Chakra only, and it was the reason I told her to work there. Later she told us that her daughter told her about slight pain in her abdomen. At that time, I asked her to work more on Throat Chakra, since as we felt, now all the gas was about to pass through her mouth.

This is exactly the similar incident as happened with one another fellow Reiki energy, so we were quite confused to witness it again. This is the reason why we are sharing it again here, so that we all must understand that mere working on painful may work at times, but generally, we all must need to identify the exact blockage. It helps in a better, faster cleansing and healing, so that our receivers are able to get proper Reiki healing.

However, one thing more I just realized that when we are transferring Reiki, it automatically reaches the destination or which needs the healing energy. Therefore where ever we do the healing, the Reiki energy will itself flow through the different channels and perform the healing as required. We hope that this article will help you understand your doubts, and in some future article, we will try to share on how to identify blockage in any energy, without asking, so that we can perform a better Reiki healing.

We are thankful to you all for your all the love and kind support.

Reiki Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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