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Reason for self Reiki Healing taking time and delay

By admin | In Our Chakras and Aura | on April 10, 2013

Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for your all the queries and explanations to us, as they are helping us in our ongoing journey for love and light. We are pleased to have your support and regular mails, after reading them, we are able to suggest and recommend a better remedy or solution to all. We are still in a process of learning various new techniques or ways to identify the blockages, but every new day’s experience is teaching us something new. 

Today, we were talking to a fellow Reiki master from gurgaon, India, who was telling us her experiences and reason for delaying in healing. During our discussions, we both were able to understand the blockages in the healer itself as it was quite obvious. She was working on Reiki healing for her own personal relationship, which had became bitter, over the years. She told us that while giving Reiki healing to her Milan Reiki grid, she was again and again thinking of past bad times, the times when there were arguments or any other negative instance. This always was bringing all sort of negative thoughts and intentions for her partner, which make her unable to work much more effectively on the grid. 

During this discussion, we were able to understand one more thing that she was feeling too lonely and have to share, speak up all of her bad time. She also needed a session for self blockage cleansing and healing, so we advised her to remember for a small session for her cleansing too. However, we will keep one major factor in our mind that she need to speak up all of her negative and bad past, as it is blocking her Heart chakra a lot, and is creating further blockages too. We are sure that most of you all, including fellow Reiki energies are able to understand the reason for delay in healing when we do for our own self. Our own intentions, past or negative, bad thoughts are one of the major factors, which stop or make delay in our healings. In this case, we need to work more on our own self, clear our own blockages, so that while performing any healing, we are able to see just pure positive and just what we want Reiki energy to help us in for our future.

This small tip may be considered as a very simple thing, but we do feel that this is one of the major issue for those reiki energies, who are working on their own but getting a failure or delayed results. There are many Reiki practitioners, who are working successfully when they are working or doing Reiki healing for any other, but are getting a failure, when it comes to themselves. Today, after talking to her, we were able to understand that this could be one of the reason for their failures and if they work on themselves after looking at this perspective, they will be able to get their desired results in short time. We are grateful to her, you all and yours for your sharing of your experiences and queries.

Reiki Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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