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reason for new experiments in Reiki healing

By admin | In Science of Reiki | on June 29, 2014

Fellow energies, I, Vineet Jain am thankful to you all for your acceptance to Reiki healing energy. I am also grateful to you all for writing in with your kind comments, reviews and even critics for the articles we share on this blog Reiki Energy Healers. I know and accept that I have been having many critical views about our different experiments in Reiki healings and for I have made several changes in the way we learnt. I also take this responsibility to share this all together different way of Reiki techniques with you all here as whatever I do, I try to share after getting some good results.

I got some mails, where you want me to stop experimental Reiki healing and also to share anything about them. Some even think that I am the one, who is changing this concept of universal Reiki science into something different. 

Well, I can just accept all the critics and take the responsibility to do experiments in Reiki, symbols, affirmations and healing procedures. This was and is still being done, for just one purpose, so as to help everyone and get the best out of it for all. As most of you all know that I started my Reiki teaching career in Aug 2008, where I had Navneet and Sudhir as my first of students, and they made me realised that I have to be different.

I know that there are many many Reiki teachers around the globe, and purpose of any good teacher as I understood is to teach in way, it helps the world. Our purpose is never just to teach and pass on what we learned, but it is to let our students learn and be a better energy in future. When I took my Reiki grand mastership from Dr. N. K. Sharma at Reiki Healing Foundation, Delhi, my teacher said that we should try to help, support and encourage Reiki healing. We should try to work on making the learning easier and in such a way, so that this whole world is able to learn and use in for burning blockages.

I have been travelling to gulf countries, where I was having interaction with energies of different religions, cultures and languages. Therefore, it became a challenge for me to teach or share anything with them, as for if I say anything wrong or what is inauthentic to them, they might take it in a wrong way. I also knew that it is going to be difficult when I think of pleasing everyone. I also got one small lesson that if I am Authentic, I will be able to present myself anywhere easily and in an effective way. I also learned recently that I must share in a way, so that my sharing makes my fellow energies touched moved and inspired.

I am now, still going to carry on my mission of spreading love and light in this universe, having the faith of getting your love and blessings for me and my fellow energies.

Reiki Blessings, Love, Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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