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Reading Aura of self or other energy from distance

By admin | In Reiki Experiments and us | on January 9, 2011

Reading Aura of self or other energy from distance

Fellow Energies, we all at Reiki Energy Healers are grateful of you to be here and share our articles. Energies, we here try to share what we learned with time or what we get in mails from you only.

Here, we have been asked on how do we check Aura of any other energy, weather in front of us, or being at distance. Energies, while in our Reiki workshops in level 1 and 2, we try to teach everyone about Aura reading, which keeps on increasing with time. This is our own personal reading experience, which grows with time.

Now, here we will try to make you understand about this small phenomenon, and we are sure that it will help you  lot in your personal and professional life. This may look as a small thing, but with the help of Aura reading, we can evaluate many things in life.

First of all, we must all try to sit and relax in a closed room (this is for beginners) and switch off our cellphones and all the things, which could be disturb us. We must concentrate on ourself and our brow Chakra. Now, we should rub our palms for about 9-10 times together and open them to about 6 inches wide, opposite to each other. We should now try to feel the air pressure between them if any and try to bring our palms closer. If we feel any force to it, we should expand it till we feel the pressure. When we feel that there is no pressure, we should open our eyes. This is our Aura now, the area which is in between our palms, should be considered as our Aura. This area is surrounded by our body, protecting us from other negative energies and blockages.

Now for any person, who is distant to us, and we need to check the Aura of that person, we need to know the connection symbol. After making the connection symbol and connecting to that energy, we need to follow the same procedure as above. The palms will expand to the level of that energy. In certain cases, we can also ask questions of ‘yes’ or ‘no’, but it all depends upon our own personal experiences and time devoted on Reiki and Meditation. One has to be neutral performing it and should be of optimistic nature.

We can also see about the blockages in one energy from distance or even if one is near to us. This small experiment can help us in many different ways, but all depends how and where we use it.

Thanks for sharing our article. We all Reiki Healers, Reiki Masters from Delhi, India are grateful to you all.

Love and Light to you and yours

Vineet Jain

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