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PSI and Pumping technique for Relationship Problems

By admin | In Science of Reiki | on November 6, 2012

Fellow energies, I am back to India, my hometown with my family, friends and all of you here. I am thankful to all of you here and all the other Reiki energies around us, who have been sending us their love and light. We are everyday thanking the day when we came in to the existence and got the information, knowledge about Reiki energy.

Today, we are going to share another great article, as written by our fellow Reiki healer Mr Sriram Bharat, who is going to explain you all on something, we always wanted to know and learn. This healing experiment is done using PSI energy, but if we can add some more of Reiki intentions, it will be much better.

Hi Friends,

After experiencing and experimenting some PSI techniques on protection and financial growth.

Now I am coming up with a method which I may call it as a King Method for all relationship problems where the feeling of taking revenge can be removed completely by performing this and following Reiki principles.

 My Experience:-

I have applied this experiment in my visualization which I explained you previously below where I got positive sign just in the span of 5-6 hours which I applied in the matter of financial and jealousy issues of bigger parties. Due to privacy reasons I am unable give you any clues but I have seen result.

Experiment:-  (Psi pink Ball Method)

Daily you have to use rock salt in your bath.

Activate Heart Chakra by perform Chakra yoga asana under the guidance of any teacher.

Bear Grip at the Heart Center:-

Sitting up with legs crossed, lock fingers

in a bear grip at the heart center, elbow

pointing out to the sides. Elbows move in a see saw

motion. Breath long and deeply with the

motion. Do it 26 times, and inhale, exhale

and pull on the grip. Relax one minute.

Repeat sitting on your heels. This raises the energy higher.

Be sure to tuck in your pelvis.

I suggest you to do this technique under the guidance of any teacher.

While doing these below steps keep Sei Hei Ki music chant in the back ground or chant the Sei Hei Ki .



Gratitude to Reiki, Mikao Usui, Hayashi, Takata, Almighty (any God), parents and family members,friends,Guru (Vineet Jain), self, Reiki energy.

Draw 1 3 1 Symbols on sky or Sun and on us. (Cho Ku Rei, Sei Hei Ki, Cho Ku Rei)

The above one has done to take power from them.


Put your palms in cup shape where air should not enter inside it. Then perform the experiment by bringing our hands closely do it in slow speed where we have to feel every millimeter when we bring our hands close. This bringing together can be started from a distance as long as we open our arms, and than gradually should try to bring them close. The point, where we feel some kind of air pressure, heat or any other vibration, we should stop and open our eyes to see the location. 


From the above step make a small psi ball and keep it at our Heart Chakra and send it inside by grinding it.

 And also draw Sei Hei Ki symbol on the psi ball to fill the power inside it before grinding it at our Heart Chakra.


Here just inhale(pink light) and exhale positively means we will exhale the pink light in to the PSI ball where it increases step by step in to our size which is a technique for sending power to the living things in our mother earth. Where we have to visualize from our self to total living thing which are surviving in this planet earth. while chanting Sei Hei Ki in the back ground we have to infuse positive light in to that PSI ball energy which spreads love to the total mother earth .




Here we have visualize properly starting from your Heart chakra to total living thing in our planet Earth.

While pumping the pink light at Heart chakra first it covers ourself then  our single Family, our relatives èour friends, our teachers, our our neighbors, our people in home town which we daily see our far relations, our favorite celebrities or role models, our spiritual leaders whom you think they are eligible for love, Animals which we daily seen etc

You can make suggestions as a HAPPY EVERYDAY where people will show more love on Birthdays, Mother days, Teachers or Valentines Days.

So visualize Every time How people in family will show affection towards each others on Birthdays or Mother days .And also loved ones show their affection and feel more enthusiastic on valentines day if you feel whole world is celebrating valentines day and only love is present there every one accepting their eligible partners.

Even you can visualize on pets, birds and all animals love in your own way.

Note:But remember that pink ball of light and Sei Hei Ki symbol and chant every time.

Thus above process will definitely bring a Big change in your life by making an unblocked life.


At the End you have to do at least 10 minutes for earth and do rest of it for 30sec to 1 min.

Here avoid confusion you can visualize our single breathe will cover any of the above.

Then for the Earth send maximum breathes to the target where each breathe strengthens our target with love.

Empower with love our living things in our mother earth.


Gratitude to reiki,mikao usi,hayashi,takata,Almighty(any god),parents and family members,friends,Guru(Vineet Jain),myself,reiki.



Inhale and Exhale slowly  avoid fast breathes .Better results occur when you are calm.

All the very best to the people who will do this for protecting themselves, their families, Animals and all living beings on the planet earth  etc.

I wish almighty that love and light should spread totally to the universe  where love and light are the true shield of relational protection.

Finally I say Experience your experiments to reach your expectations.

I am thankful to our dearest Sriram, Diana, Navneet Mathur, Jitender and all the fellow energies, including our Reiki teachersMr Narendra, Mr and Mrs Sharma, Mr Gagan, Mr Manish Dixit and all that touched my life.

Reiki blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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