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Points to keep in mind while Reiki healing

By admin | In Science of Reiki | on December 14, 2015

Fellow energies, I am grateful to you all for sending your kind blessings and support to all of our fellow Reiki energies at Reiki Energy Healers. This has a great impact on us, as we all had been busy in some part of life and had been dealing with it. 

I had been getting visitors from all parts of the world for consultation or with healing requests to our Reiki centre, where I have discussed and performed various Reiki healings. It was highly confusing to me that there are many with blockages at Sacral Chakra and Solar plexus while reason being simple of being ignorant. We all have been eating or drinking either wrong or being careless toward our own body. 

I met many with joint pain, weak liver, stones in kidney or gall bladder, hyper tension etc. After studying in detail, I saw that even being a Reiki practitioner, some forogt to perform energy exchange, disconnection from receiver or at times even forgot gratitude to their teachers, receivers, universe etc. Some were visualizing that they are the source of energy, thus radiating Reiki energy from their palms or other parts of body on to others. 

To all, my suggestion is to think, act fast for self, as even when we fly in a plane. we are taught a small lesson by air crew about safety measures to be taken during emergency. We are asked to put up oxygen mask first on self, then on others, similarly in Reiki, we ask all the Reiki practitioners to cleanse and charge themself with Reiki energy before starting Reiki on others. 

We also need to keep in mind about disconnection from our receivers after the Reiki healing is done, as either might get affected to the other’s life till disconnection is completed. The process of disconnection after Reiki healing completion if someone has missed or forgotten, must be recalled by their Reiki teachers. 

Gratitude to teachers, receivers and universe is needed as gratitude helps in unblocking of Heart Chakra and releasing the easy flow of Reiki energy. It also helps us to accept and transfer Reiki energy healing in a faster, effective manner.

I am sure that you will be following these basic points in your Reiki healing procedures and have a great, successful Reiki life. 

Thanks to you all and yours.

Reiki blessings, love, light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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