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Physical Blockages clearing using rock salt and Reiki healing energy

By admin | In Healings, Success Stories | on July 7, 2013

Fellow energies, we are grateful for your all the love, Reiki blessings and the support you all have been giving us. We have never ever dreamed of such a great love in our lives, but are experiencing it everyday and are thankful to you all here at our Reiki Energy Healers center.

Since the time we started sharing our articles, the number of readers and followers have been growing rapidly and we wish to see it normally now. We know that some of our fellow energies, who are a regular reader here, have been waiting for the updates on my UAE trip and the new articles here. I apologise for updating it too late, as there, I was sort of too much busy in my business meetings, hence was unable to write much. I am grateful to Ms Jhuma, who wrote a few in my absence however. In Bahrain, when I met one of our fellow associates Mr Nabeel, we were discussing about our business only. I am still finding it strange as I am unaware as when did the topic of Reiki popped into our discussions. 

As always, I told him that we can use rock salt in meals, showers and even cleaning of floors at home, offices or workplace. This helps in clearing any kind of blockage and also for protecting any kind of negative energy, He also told me that his grand mother also used to tell him that we should keep some rock salt, tied in a cloth piece in every room for keeping negative energies away. She also used to tell that we should use rock salt in meals for recovering from any kind of health problems. She used to give a solution of Basil leaves, mint leaves and some other herbs with a pinch of rock salt. This great discussion also helped me in learning one simple thing that our elders were having more of general information and knowledge than what we are having now. 

Later, when I reached Dubai, and was discussing with one of my friend and associate Mr Murli Nair about it. During the time we were discussing business, I felt like something was blocking his business and even our discussions. So, I went there again next day, taking our musical bowl. He got curious on how to use it and what it will do. I told him about it and than played it for a while. He than told me that since last week, he was getting some or other troubles in his business and had a negative man to be visiting him in a few days. I asked him to use rock salt on floors, so that we are protected and they are unable to penetrate or enter our area.

I was there for about three more days there after this, but that negative energy was unable to enter his office, so I take it as that it is safe now. I will be confirming it tonight and will update you all too. 

One more thing I want to share is our whole of body is strong enough to fight any kind of negativity, however we ourself are the spoilers and culprit of making it weak. As in our early discussions, we told you that our blood is alkaline in nature, and using junk food etc., we make it acidic, which give us health issues and blockages. Rock salt is a sure shot solution for this, but so are other green vegetables, fruits and dry fruits. Basil leaves, Mint leaves, Bottle Gourd, fenugreek seeds are some of the examples. 

Using self touch Reiki is what I feel is the best for any kind of blockage clearing, though it may take time and more of effort. Using Reiki healing energy for keeping ourself protected and energised is what I feel works far more than anything else. Visualisation of reiki symbols in color with a positive affirmation gives good outcome, however sometimes we do see the delay in getting results, which may be due to blockage or something better coming our way than expected. 

I just want to ask you all to keep working, keep thinking and keep doing good, positive and constructive act, and this universe will return to you with the great results as one may have never thought of.

I am thankful to you all and wish a happy, love filled life for you all.

Reiki Blessings, Love, Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain



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