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Paanch Mukhi Rudraksha or five faced Rurdaksha

By admin | In Our Chakras and Aura, Science of Reiki | on January 30, 2013

Fellow energies, we are thankful to you all for your acceptance to our articles and helping us share articles related to Reiki or any other energy, which could be used in for our cleansing and healing. We are pleased to see your comments and views for the earlier article about how we can use Rudraksha in for our cleansing and charging. In continuation to our earlier article by our Romania based fellow Reiki Master, we are again sharing another great article by her. She is definitely using her every possible way so as in search for ways for a simplified ways of using and adopting energies in our daily life.

Today I would like to continue sharing with you my experience with Rudraksha. I will talk about general but I think important things and about my own personal experiences. I will focus mostly on 5 mukhi Rudraksha because it is most commonly available and is affordable for all, better said it is the most accessible as its cost is lesser than others. I have already told you yesterday that we can use Rudraksha in many different ways. We can use them in our necklaces, pendant, armbands, mala, beads, Rudraksha for water cap we drink after keeping Rudraksha immersed in water for some hours. Coming back to the 5 mukki Rudraksha, we find it in all these types of wearing and very common in mala beads. These are similar to the Christian rosaries. Malas are used for praying and chanting, so as to keep a count of how many times we did. Saying 108 times the mantra it is said it is more efficiently.

You are advised to take care when you buy a rudraska because it should be a genuine Rudraksha and should have authenticity certificate with it. However, being the low market price for this 5 faced Rudraksha, it will be found original only, since imitation could be much ore expensive than the real one. After harvesting Rudraksha, it should be submitted to the puja and mantra. In this most degraded age of kali-yuga, one bead is the king of all and BEST for all people and all situations. Once blessed and energized with prana pratishta (life giving), puja and mantra, it becomes able to grant complete and total blessings for all levels.  Costly siddha mala or any other expensive Rudraksha with more mukhi or faces helps the same way as it does. Sadly, many people try to cheat others and offer them the expensive option when it can be done easily using Rudraksha. If you are unable to get any certified Rudraksha, better go for a five faced Rudraksha, since it will be only a genuine one.

It is a complete story about the seed of Elaeocarpos Garitus

Dr. Suhas Roy from the Institute of Technology, at Banaras, India, did a research in which he confirmed the electro-magnetic properties of the Elaeocarpos, which is the scientific name of the tree where the Rudrakshas are taken from. Its properties works similar to magnets on the Principle of Dynamic Polarity. Rudraksha beads transmit electro-magnetical inductive impulses opposing polarity and intensity. Which is good to bring the heart beats to its normal range ensuring an optimal blood circulation.

Every people have the quality to perceive their own body language and the Electromagnetic Discharge Zones of the human body commonly knowing as Chakras could be opened and aligned in order to have access to another source of energy. The Rudrakshas with its Electro – Magnetic properties are a good tool to clean, restore and charge this electromagnetic discharges zones or Chakras helping them to work in a proper way.

This is why the regular use of Rudrakshas helps to enchance the natural healing process, helping us to restore the Normal Flow of the Current of Energy Inside the body. Due to the Principle of Interchangeability, between matter and energy, the regular use of Rudrakshas, when we emit any kind of sacred songs or prayers, help us to bring together, in a balanced way, the body and the spirit. Making easier our life even in a middle of stressful conditions. By doing so we could handle any situation and control our emotions. Therefore Rudrakshas allow us to restore and to keep optimal health conditions.

Almost all human diseases orginate at mental level due to negative thoughts. Reiki Healing cleans your body and mind, and purify your self. Gems & Rudrakshas emit astral energy to rectify your present and future.

It even exist a healing terapy made by Dr Sameer Kale named Omni healing.

I gave you details about Rudraksha but as everyone we only believe after seeing with our own, so we try so let give a try to a better life to a tool that can help you holistic.

If you ask me you can begin buying a 5 mukki Rudraska that is cheaply available as I told you above and u will see the changes. You know changes comes often without being aware and for sure there are only positive.If you respect some rules you will be sure having results. I will explain now about the 5 mukki Rudraska.

Five mukhi – This mukhi is ruled by Jupiter(Guru). This planet governs knowledge and glamour, bone- marrow, liver,  feet, thigh, religion, money and material. This bead is considered to cure utter poverty, disturbance in marital  life, diseases of fat, kidney, thigh, ear, diabetes etc. It controls the five elements: water, metal, air, earth, fire. One is relieved of all sins and misdeeds. Good for the cure of eye problems, piles, stress, blood pressure, stomach disorder, obesity, constipation, tooth ache, anger, heart problem.

 Beneficiary for Sagittarius(Dhanu).

5 mukhi Mantra – “Om Hum Namah”, “Om Namah shivaya”Aum Hreem Namah at least 9 times.

This is ruled by Lord Brahma and represents Lord Shiva, the symbol of auspiciousness. Five mukhi(face) is the most commonly available rudraksha. Rudra himself blesses this rudraksha which embraces the energies that are useful for maintenance of Health. 5 mukhi Rudraksha is the form of Rudra named Kaalagni. There is a pure understanding about the fact that the wearer of Five Faced Rudraksha mala never gets untimely death. The wearer gets power of creativity when blessed. It is very effective for students, scientists, researchers, scholars, artists, writers and journalists. Wearing in the mala of 54+1 or 108+1 in the collar is highly beneficial for people with heart diseases, blood pressure, stress, anxiety, eczema, gastric ulcer etc.

 Five Mukhi raw beads (which have not received any treatment of color or oil ) are used by soaking in water overnight and then drinking this water on an empty stomach next day morning.

Puja of rudraksha must be done by the can be done by the wearer himself or can be energized by the Gurus, pandits or priests at the temple.


Following procedure Should be followed to energize and get the blessings of Rudraksha beads.


(1)  Choose an auspicious day and time of wearing may be Monday or Wednesday are known to be their specified day.

(2)  Arrange all items of blessings after having a bath in the morning with pure mind and soul.

(3)  Sit Facing the East or north direction and think of any Teacher, God or Spiritual energy, you can visualize.

(4)  Use Panchaamrit which is a mix of unboiled milk, honey, curd, Sugar and Ghee.

(5)   9 leaves of peepal tree in a plate

(6)  Plates for offering in a puja

(7)  Dhoop, Diya, Incense sticks (Agarbatti), Sandal paste, Aromatic oil, Ricegrains and Ashtagandha.

(8)  Offering Flower, fruit, Coconut.

(9)  After all this offerings wash rudraksha with Ganga Jal (water)

Place the Rudraksha in front of Your Isht dev and Lord Shiva with 9 leaves of Peepal tree and Chat “OM NAMAH SHIVAYA” and then Chant the Mantra of specified bead

I am talking here about the 100% correct process to have all benefits of rudraska but as per my experience as someone where there hindu priests or gurus are far off to guide, where we don’t get all the ingredients to make a complete and correct puja. I will tell you what I did and I still had results. I bought it and first I respected only the folowwing rules:

1.I took my bath in the morning and only after that before breakfast I put some incences( I had sage incence) and I said 108 the specific mantra for thiskind of rudraka,I put some chokurei and seiheki on it and that was all.I went to work and I was very surprised that peoples with whom I had cold relationship came to me and wanted to collaborate.

Second time happens the following: On Sunday evening I washed in luke warm water my rudraska with a soft brush and I cleaned it with a white cloth. I put it in some mustard oil until Monday next day. Monday I took it and wipped the oil excess and did the same as first time but this time I added all the symbols and light showering. Time passed and people asked themselves what happened to me that I was different. My health improved, my mood improved, my tyroid illness went for the better and I even didn’t wear the Rudraksha continuously. Think about what would be if you could benefit from the power of Rudraksha and the power of Reiki and it is accessible for everyone.

That is all for today.

 We are grateful to her and you all for sharing such a great explanation with detailed procedures.

Reiki Blessings, Love and Light to her, you all and yours.

Vineet Jain



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