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Our Seven Chakras with colour location and importance

By admin | In Our Chakras and Aura | on October 3, 2010

Our Seven Chakras with colour location and importance

We all have have seven chakras in our body, governing us and helping us to live, work and do all. Our life energy which is white in colour directs and govern all the seven chakras of our body. We must understand it in a easy manner as under:

White light coming from Supreme energy ( from top of our head, or Sun or anywhere) comes and strike our our head, which acts as a prism and is distributed in seven colours of Rainbow. These seven colours are exactly the same and have same placement and colour as Rainbow. Let us now understand these seven chakras, their colours and location.

1st Chakra is Base Chakra (moola chakra) as we call. The colour of this chakra is Red. The location of this chakra is behind our genitals. It can be understand to be at the base of spine. The reason for it being called a base chakra is that it is the base of our body. It is also the cause of generations for new generations and is the base of growth. This chakra control all the movement around it and also control heart and mind actions. It controls Adrenals/ Supra renal glands. It also controls the body Organs as Legs, feet, bones, large intestine. The vital functions of the base chakra are Survival, grounding, life promoting vital physical energy etc., while the malfunctions of the base chakra are Constipation, haemorrhoids, obesity, sciatica arthritis, knee trouble, anorexia nervosa.  The element of base chakra is Earth.

2nd Chakra is Sacral Chakra or HARA Chakra (SWADHISTHANA chakra). The colour of Sacral Chakra is orange.The location of the Sacral chakra is Two to three fingers below navel, lower abdomen, first lumbar vertebra. It governs two glands Ovaries, testicles. The Organs govern by Sacral Chakra are uterus, genitals, kidney, bladder, and circulatory system. The Functions for the Sacral Assimilation, life promoting emotions, sexuality, desire and pleasure. The malfunctions for the Sacral chakra are Kidney/bladder trouble, female and male organic and emotional-sexual problems, lower back problems. The element of Sacral Chakra is water.

3rd Chakra is Solar Plexus ( Manipur Chakra). The colour of Solar Plexus chakra is Yellow colour. The location of Solar plexus chakra is Location – Eighth thoracic vertebra, just below the navel. The glads govern by it are Pancreas, adrenals. The body organs controlled by Solar plexus are Stomach, liver and gallbladder. The functions controlled by it are Will power, personal power, taking in of energy from outside of self, growth, healing. It also helps in better digestion for the body. It helps in Goal manifestation and other manifestations as well. The malfunctions may be  Digestive trouble, ulcers, diabetes hypoglycemia, liver disorder, irregular metabolism. The element of Solar plexus chakra is fire.

4th Chakra is Heart Chakra (Anahata Chakra). The colour of Heart Chakra is green. The location is First thoracic vertebra or heart as we call. The gland govern by Heart chakra is Thymus. The organs controlled and govern by heart chakra are Heart, lungs, arms, hands. The functions related to Heart chakra are Self love, love toward others, taking in life nourishment in general, mental energy, consciousness, healing. The malfunctions Heart disease (including high blood pressure) asthma and lung diseases. The element of Heart chakra is Air.

5th Chakra is Throat Chakra (Vishuddhi Chakra). The colour of Throat chakra is blue. The location of Throat chakra is third cervical vertebra. The gland govern by it is Thyroid and parathyroid gland. The organs governed by it are Neck, shoulders, arms, hands, ears. The function of Throat glands are Communication, expressive energy volition, will power. The malfunctions are Thyroid problems, hearing problems, stiff neck, colds, sore throat. The element of throat chakra is Air.

6th Chakra is Brow chakra (third eye chakra, Ajna Chakra) The colour is indigo. The location of brow chakra is First cervical vertebra in back (space between and slightly above eyes on forehead). The gland govern by it is Pituitary (working in harmony with pineal). The eyes, mind are govern by it. The functions for the brow chakra are Seeing, intuition, synthesising. The malfunctions for the brow chakra are Headache, vision problems, nightmares. The element is Air.

7th Chakra is Crown Chakra (SAHASAR). The colour is Violet. The location of Crown chakra is  Top of head and slightly back where soft spot of baby’s head is located or the centre of head on top. The glands govern by crown chakra are Pineal (working in harmony with pituitary) Organs and
Cerebral cortex, central nervous system. The functions for the crown chakra are Integration and understanding. The malfunctions are Depression, alienation, inability to learn or comprehend. The element of crown chakra is Air.

Thanks to you all

Reiki blessings, love, light to you all and yours.


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