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Our duties as a Reiki Energy Healer

By admin | In What do we do | on November 11, 2010

Our duties as a Reiki Energy Healer

Fellow energies, I am here trying to explain some of our moral duties as one of the Reiki Energy Healers, and I am trying to share with you all here. I know that most of people think that after getting a Reiki Grand Mastership or Mastership, our duties are over, and we can live a blissful life. Here, I would just like to share that Our duties and moral responsibilities just start after getting this Grand Mastership, or any other responsible position.

Here I would like to ask you that will you obey to a teacher, who himself is not proper disciplined? I am sure that most of you like to follow a well disciplined teacher and love to meet a positive person in life. Whenever, we go to consult a doctor or any other healer or for any other remedy, we feel most of our worries over, to see a smiling person, and with a positive attitude. If our Doctor or Healer is in pain himself, how can he cure. If any astrologer itself is in financial crisis, how can he boast about giving you chants, gem stone or other remedies to improve yours? If any Reiki Grand Master itself is going through a bad physical, mental or personal issue, how can they treat any other?

My personal opinion is that when we take Oath for our Reiki Grand Mastership or any other responsibility. For our Grand Mastership, we need to be grateful towards our teachers, mother nature, Universe and all we can. We also need to meditate daily, and need to do self healings. Most of Reiki Grand Masters do not understand this small thing that we need to prove ourselves first in front of others, than only we can heal others. Many Reiki Healers do free Reiki Healings, and do not do Energy exchange, which is required. I am not asking all to take money or huge fees, but this energy exchange can be in any form. One can ask for any service for oneself or else. I am asking fees as a energy exchange myself, since I do Reiki Healings and other readings as a profession. However, with some, I do ask for any other kind of energy exchange, if money is not possible for them. Some people, who do not wish to do energy exchange, I deny them however.

After being a Grand Master or a Reiki Energy Healer, we all must give Healing towards the Universe, Mother Earth, nature, negativity all around the Universe as well. We all must be positive and have a soft heart towards anyone who approaches us. I am not sure why some people are so rude and negative towards people. We people have to give up our Ego, self pride, negative thoughts, alcohol, smoking, drugs and any other negative habit.

Rest I will share with you soon. Till than, ciao.

Thanks to you all for reading this article and helping me spread love and light around the Universe.

Love and Light to you and yours

Vineet Jain

USUI Reiki Grand Master

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