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Original Dai Ko Myo Reiki Symbol

By admin | In What is Reiki | on December 1, 2011

Fellow Energies, we are grateful to you for your regular kind support and the articles, which are helpful to us and many others in some or other way. It is our pleasure when you send us your kind articles, and we read them and try ti understand and share it with others. Last week, we met our receiver Mr Manish Dixit, who visited our Reiki Healing Center, for knowing about our Reiki Grid and discuss about the Reiki Healing we were doing.

He was amazed and happy to see the Reiki Grid and the way we were performing Reiki Healing for our receivers. He was delighted to see the mercury products, the musical bowl and our other Reiki Energy supporting energies. Since he has been traveling to China, Tibet, Japan and other parts of the world, he was able to share a lot. While our discussion, we came on to discussing on Dai Ko Myo, the Reiki Master symbol. He asked me to draw or show the image of the Reiki Master symbol, since he want to share some of his findings. We showed him the Reiki symbol, which we were using in for our Reiki Healings as shown below.

Dai Ko Myo

Dai Ko Myo, as developed and taught at Reiki Healing Foundation, RHF, Delhi, India












   He told us that he met some of the old Reiki Grand Masters in Japan, China and Tibet and was amazed with this new finding. He showed us a totally different image of Dai Ko Myo, the Reiki Master symbol to me, which I have never seen in my life. I had searched on internet, but this was entirely a different one. He showed us the image and also told us the meaning of the Dai Ko Myo in full so that I was able to get this new meaning for our Reiki Healings. The image is down under, the top Dai means from top most height, meaning which is on the top, and all energies are just below it. Now, Ko is the curves under it. It means that it is the huge energy coming from that height, and going below under us to the Acme, I mean to the lowest depth. So, now we are having energy, than is coming from top to bottom. Finally, there are two separate boxes drawn under those curves, out of which, one means Sun and the other denotes moon, meaning day and night.

Original Dai Ko Myo

Original Dai Ko Myo by Reiki Energy Healers

The full meaning that I was able to understand it was that the Supreme Reiki Energy coming from the top and reaching to bottom ( it can reach everywhere, and to all energies) and that can lighten any dark night into a Sunny day. If we visualize properly, we will be able to use this Reiki symbol’s full intention and energy.

Friends, please try to use this one in your initiations, attunments and Reiki Healings. I am sure that you will be able to get improved and faster results. Thanks Manish Ji for sharing this unique and new finding with us for our fellow energies.

Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.


Vineet Jain  .








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