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One day Reiki workshop for level 1 and 2 on 30th September in Delhi

By admin | In Workshops | on September 18, 2012

Fellow energies, we are thankful to you for your all the mails and telephone calls and are pleased to reply almost all of your emails. We are trying to reply all the emails, but due to shortage of time, we are unable to reply every email on the same day, so if we take time, we would request you all to be patient. We are really thanking and giving our gratitude to all of you and our Reiki teachers, since it is due to you all that we are here and able to perform these new experiments and Reiki healings.

We know that we are doing good and are always updating you and our other fellow energies with whatever we learn with our personal experiences or as shared by you. We are happy to accept new techniques and are trying our best to teach and share with you all as always, and we just want your love to be with us as always. This month end, on 30th of September 2012, we are going to conduct another one day Reiki workshop for level 1 and 2 here, at our Delhi center.

As many of you have been asking for what we teach or will be teaching in our workshops, and today again, we are sharing it all with you. We are always open as a book to you all, and will always try to be like today for you or others.

In Reiki level 1, as we all know we will be giving introduction about Reiki, its history, about Mikao Usui and about our Reiki teachers. We will then be illustrating and explaining the importance of gratitude and energy exchange in Reiki and personal lives. After this, we will be giving a small practical and teaching on understanding our own Aura and how do our thoughts and actions affect it. After this detailed lecture, we will than give an attunement for level 1, and will teach how to meditate, since it will be helping them all later. Now, we have to teach how to clean our Aura (energy shield around us) and how to charge. In this practical, after successful healing of our all the receivers, we try to give a small exam to give, which is to identify the blockage in other receiver, without asking.

After this all is done, we go for another attunement session, so that our students are prepared for level 2 learning. Now, we try to give a small lecture on eating habits, like what is good for our health and what is bad, or what kind of food is digested in how much time, and what kind of food gives us proper energy. Then comes the turn for what our students have started missing, which is known as lunch break.

After this small break, we start teaching about Reiki symbols and one by one, start doing some practical experiments too, so as for a better understanding and self confidence about Reiki energy. These small experimental training is used to boost the confidence on Reiki symbols and students are able to use and visualize them easily after this. After teaching Reiki symbols to all the students and making them do all of practicals, we ask all of our students if they have any doubts on Reiki energy. If they are free and without any doubts, we then share our personal experiences or of other students, for increasing their trust and faith on Reiki. We, as always remind our students to call or contact us for any other query related to the workshop, which we would love to help and resolve. We then distribute their certificates and take their photographs, so as to share on our blog, after their permissions.

We finally thank our Reiki teachers, fellow energies and students for making our day successful and filled with Reiki abundance.

We here are grateful to you all, our fellow energies and our Reiki teachers, who helped us in writing this article with their blessings.

Reiki blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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