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Now here we must avoid using No and Not from our life Think and talk positive and see them coming in our life.

By admin | In What is Reiki | on October 2, 2010

Now here, we must avoid using ‘No and Not’ from our life. Think and talk positive, and see them coming in our life.

Friends, have you ever thought, that why are we feeling down, sad, dis heartened, suffering from bad health, lack of finances, bad grades in exams or interview, or any other disappointments? As we all know, God always want us to be happy in our life. He would not be happy to see us sad or having problems in our life. He want us to get all what we want. God is never happy to see us in pain or misery.

God, or the Supreme Energy as we all call, is always have been giving us what we want. It is our own build barriers or blockages, which stop us getting what we want. These blockages etc. are our self made and we need to understand it, and change our life process.

I am sure friends, that once we start doing the way I am asking you to do, your life will change and you will be able to get every happiness in your life, what ever you want.

Have you ever realized that during our exams, interviews or some important meetings etc., what we are thinking? What we keep murmuring during the tough competitions and time of need? Most of us, use these kind of sentences ‘ I may not fail, I may not get bad grades, I may not have a bad impression, I will not fail in proving myself, I will not fail my friends, seniors or family etc.

Now, we must understand that God or Super Energy, always have open hands and has their blessings on us all. There is always yes, and there is never a denial or any negative word in him. While using above sentences, please remove the negative words and let us read again, like ‘I may Fail, I may get bad grades, I may have a bad impression, I will fail in improving myself, I will fail my friends, seniors and family.

Here, we can see that we ourselves created the things and god gave us all we asked for. There is always acceptance from him, and what we asked, is what we get always. So, if we are getting negative results, we should not be sad or angry towards God, as it was us only, who asked these things.

So, what is the solution? What is the way out?

Here, after my long research through self meditation, many books and sites, I am able to give you a small solution. The solution is simple, but takes some time to make it in our daily life. We must change our vocabulary and start doing Reiki. Now, what is that we need to change in our Vocabulary? What is that has to be added?

Here, I am going to give you a small briefing here. If we can remove some of the words from our daily life, like ‘NO’ and ‘NOT’ , will help us getting things we always plan to get.

Once we start changing our sentences from ‘I will not fail the interview’ to ‘I will pass the interview’ and so on.

We all need to change and stop using all negative words we use even when we mean positive. Reiki is just a tool to help us get all and everything we want. It will also help us to see and check the Aura of what we need. We can here do in Reiki, with the help of Kineseology, which we teach in Reiki, 3rd Level Degree course.

So, combining Reiki and change in our thought process, we can get all what we miss or feel is not coming to us.

Come, Let us get all what we want and change the world to a happy world and live a love filled happy life.

Thanks to you for Reading and spreading the enlightenment.

Love and Light to all.

Vineet Jain

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