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New Year Greetings

By admin | In Gratitude, News | on December 30, 2012

Fellow energies, we all the Reiki healers, Reiki Masters and Reiki grand Masters wish you all and yours a very very happy and a prosperous new year 2013. We all are thankful to you all for your continuous support and Reiki blessings to us and many of our fellow energies. We all here at our center, will be meeting and conduct a group mass healing for you all in exchange for your love and light. Today, we are sharing good wishes for the new year 2013 to you all and please see that in this lovely article are filled our blessings for you too. Kindly accept and oblige.

Today morning, we got an email message, where a fellow energy from Romania, who asked us the permission to send some words of gratitude to the year 2012. The year that is just completing its course with tons of accomplishments and failures, gratitude to everything and everyone beginning with God our supreme Energy. It helped us to recognize and understand all of our world religions and why do we have to be grateful to everything and everyone. As we know this is that time of the year, when we think of what we have done in the past whole year and we sort of make a balance sheet of the year which is just passing. We also think to what we would like to have in the next year and we make our wishes for self and ours.

It made me think again for the reason and the need of thanking anyone and everyone in our life beginning including God at every end of an year and how to tell and make everyone understand the need. Well, as we all understand that everything teach us in someway or the other and we always feel good when someone say thanks to us unintentionally, our Heart gets soft and loving towards them. We feel kind and give them our sincere blessings and even if we are angry or have any grudge against them. This small word of thanks make us feel good, making good flow of positive vibrations and affirmations to or that particular fellow energy. Also, when we give thanks to someone, we feel lighter as for what the others have taught or given us even in exchange of their fees or any other energy.  This small word ‘Thank you’ or being grateful to our teachers, fellow energies and even the people who are our opponents helps us all in someway or the other. It helps in broadening of our Heart Chakra which then helps in making our life simpler and comfortable by releasing positive vibrations around us. This also helps us in getting their blessings in return and also some too powerful vibrations that help us in many ways.

As we all know that everywhere in this universe and beyond this world, there are such positive waves and vibrations found, which travel faster than our thought energy and influence our life. If we are kind, positive and loving, we can attract all the positive and good vibrations and the negative just get filter out. These positive vibes just spread around our Aura shield and we just are able to lead a love filled happy life. They help us in our Goal Manifestations, Law of Attraction, getting everything what is good and meant for us. These positive affirmations and vibrations also help us in getting all what may sometimes may be thought or taken as a dream for us.

As we are thanking to more things vibrations grow in quantity and quality and we are blessed back as per Law of attraction with more and more good things in our lives.

When we are in need or want something more we are asking supreme Energy or God or the entity we are believing in for what we need but few of us understand that first we have to say thank you for being alive,opening everyday our eyes again and go out of bed and enjoy life and not at last for what life and God gave us. So,using some visualizations positive affirmations cleansing and charging we can begin to pay gratitude to the whole year 2012 and in the same way make wishes for the next year 2013 and being sure all we visualized will happen.This why it is said take care what you wish because it will happen.

At this year end I pay gratitude to God almighty that is one for every being on this world although we manifest it in several ways who was near me in every moment of my life,who guided me and left me learn my life lessons,I pay gratitude to Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ to whom we Christians come all the time for prayers and help,I pay gratitude to Saint Antony of Padua who using his tongue pray to God to get help for me when I am seeking his help,I pay gratitude to Angels who always were here when I asked them for help,I pay gratitude to the hindu Gods Sri Ganesha and Lakshmi who I don’t know for what reason became my guides in life after learning Reiki,I pay gratitude to God Shiva and the one whose power helps if not in other way at least by mean of Rudraska peoples who wear the Rudraska doesn’t matter if the wearer is hindu or not.I say thank you to the jainist God Mahavira and the 23 other one for sending me one of their devotee to be my teacher, I say thank you to Allah who sent me some nice facebook friends and guided them to spread their knowledge to others. I say thank you to Budha for sending me some very nice budhist friends on Facebook. I say thank you to all my Facebook friends who are still with me and also to those who left me,for all their posting which helped me a lot to grow my knowledge. I have to pay special gratitude to God for sending to me my teacher Vineet Jain who accepted to help me and always when I needed him was and is available.I have also to say thank you to all my problems who are so wide and which gave me the permission to meet this wonderful teacher who is Vineet Jain.I say thank you to all the peoples friends or less friends from my real life who in their own way made my life more rich. Here I mention my family members,my bosses ,my friends,my acquaintances, state authorities and also peoples who proved to be my enemies.These ones I forgive and pray for them hoping that God will enlighten their minds.I pay gratitude to the teachers of Mr Vineet Jain who taught him so many things so that he can teach us today. I pay gratitude to my first Reiki teacher from Bucharest Romania who opened me the eyes for Reiki which it is a real help in this life.I pay gratitude to Miss Karina from Barcelona who is helping so many peoples by doing these free of charge meditations sessions. I pay gratitude to all my past which helped me to be who I am today. I will always remember to pay gratitude to my crystals and to that crystal seller from Bucharest Romania who gave me my very good crystals I use today for improving my health.

At the end but in the first range after God I pay gratitude to Mikao Usui who made this wonderful Reoki knowledge possible to know.

For the year we are entering in I would like to send warm wishes of health wealth happiness and lot of accomplishments to all the peoples I mentioned above and who I might have forgot to mention, I pray to all the superior entities I mentioned above to continue staying with us, to guide us,to help us and to bless us all the time so that our path to light and happiness will be smoother everyone in his own range of time.

So lets past year go with joy and happiness and lets new year come with more joy and hopes for the better for everyone and everything.

Happy New Year 2013 fellow energies from all over the world.

Reiki Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.



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