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Money manifestation

By admin | In What is Reiki | on December 1, 2010

Money manifestation

Fellow Energies, here at Reiki Energy Healers (REH), we had been trying to give you all our best of knowledge, experience and teachings. It is our mission to spread as much of love and light in this Universe, as much we can. I know that our thoughts and visions are a bit different from others due to our culture, background, language, circle etc., but we always try to be at our best always. We always try to give in our whole best, and spread all over.

We have seen that many people are asking us about money manifestation and many other ways to earn and get Huge amount of money in life. Some ask due to their financial needs, some due to problems in life and else. Almost everyone in this Universe is in need of something, in which money plays an important role. This need is usually keep on increasing due to the regular upgrading of our lifestyles. We all just want a speedy remedy for our issues, and since it has been coming to us, we tried to do some intense meditation, thought and discussed for some treatment, so that our fellow energies, Reiki Healers or other Reiki Masters are always happy and have a sufficient finance.

We finally got a voice talking to us in our unconscious mind about it and now, I am trying to give it to you all here. We all must be positive and grateful towards Reiki, Gods, our Teachers and family. We now must sit calm, closing our eyes and think of our Goal or whatever wish we need to get fulfilled first of all. We must concentrate on one, since thinking of too many may divert our inner conscious and it may give a unsuccessful outcome. We must now visualize this Goal, about 10-15 minutes a day, twice daily, like in morning and evenings. This all should be done with a quite ambiance, with light music on background and nothing which could disturb our concentration. We can also use incense sticks around us or aroma candles to intensify our Aura’s energy.

Now, after this small meditation and visualizations, we must also act towards our goal. This meditation will only help things getting in our favor, but we also need to do positive things towards our goal. Reiki Masters can also use their symbols to power their or any other energy’s goal. But, a receiver is also advised to perform this meditation for achieving a faster result for his goal manifestation or money manifestation. We have seen that it has been working all the time, if the receiver is positive and a good Reiki Knowing. Reiki just helps to understand and perform better meditation and get it faster.

Most Reiki masters are able to help achieve this money manifestation faster. They are also able to get their goal achievement much faster and with ease. We here, would just ask you all to be positive, grateful and have an open heart for all. We must not make too many goals, which make it tough to get, but one by one, we must keep on fulfilling our goals from first to next. This will help us accomplish all of our goals and wishes in our life.

Now, I must conclude my small and useful article by being grateful to all of you for reading this article and helping me and many others.

Love and Light to you and yours.

Vineet Jain

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