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Meditation made easy and to know what really is Meditation

By admin | In Meditation | on September 13, 2012

Fellow energies, we are thankful to you all for your acceptance and exchange of so much of valuable information for sharing with all here. We are pleased to get your informative and interesting emails, which are helping us learn a lot and share with our all the readers here. Since long, we have been doing meditation and also have been teaching it too, and since so many new and innovative ways to meditate easily. Today, if we search www.youtube.com or any search engine, we will be able to watch many useful videos, which will help us know and meditate easily.

Deep meditation also help us all in for Theta healing and can also be used in our Reiki or any other alternative healing method. But we all should just understand on what is meditation, and how does this meditation music helps in giving better healings. During meditation, we all should be knowing one simple fact that during meditation, our breathing slows down during the process. Meditation also help us in a better concentration and even reducing or giving up of any kind of bad habit or negativity. My Psychiatrists and healers use meditation, deep meditation for a better and clear visualization, which leads to a better clearing of blockage. Using deep meditations, we can burn any kind of blockage with ease, and it is meditation only which help us in finding new way or idea for getting solution to any problem or healing of blockage.

Meditation helps in finding solutions to almost all the issues, and with the help of deep meditation only, we all do Past Life regression or even Future life progression sessions. We are trying to share some of the good meditation videos with you, which might help you all in your powerful meditations.




Using this Past Life regression video, we can go deep in to our past life. However, we need support of some friend or Reiki Master close to us so that the receiver or doer is able to come back from this past life regression. As per our personal experience, many of us who use similar meditation, want to stay and enjoy this past life and try to enjoy it to maximum, therefore it is important for all to value the current and present life too. If any of you are unable to go to your past life, try the same video a few more times, so that you are able to use it to the full. We should all remember to close the lights, switch off any kind of loud music or any other disturbance, which might trouble this deep meditation.

I am sure that these two videos will help you a lot in clearing your blockages.


I am thankful to your acceptance and liking of our articles here, and we will keep on sharing some more information, which will help you all in better healings.

Reiki Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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