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loosing weight using Reiki healing

By admin | In Healings, Success Stories | on December 2, 2012

Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for your acceptance towards the articles we share here and are pleased to see you all getting desired results implementing them.

Today evening, we got a phone call from our fellow energy from Montreal, Canada, as it was early morning there. Our fellow energy was a female model there, who had a major accident, about 3 years back. Due to the accident, her limbs and other joint bones were broken, and she was to rest on bed for about four whole months. Eating, staying on bed and taking all, without any proper exercise was making her fat and lazy. She tried to avoid any more of junk food or fatty meals, but she have to accept, all she was given, so she gained about 20 kilogram of extra weight.

After being reminded from her best friend that she have done Reiki basic level 1, she should be trying more of her self touch healing for coming back in shape. After realizing and understanding the immediate need of Reiki healing, she started searching articles on how she can help herself more. After searching on net, she totally stopped eating any kind of non vegetarian in her meals, reduced fat and spices and increased more of fresh fruits, vegetables and dry fruits intake. She also started using rock salt, instead or normal salt in her meals, which also helped her in weight reduction.

She started doing Reiki touch healing for her Throat Chakra, Heart Chakra, Solar Plexus, Sacral Chakra and Base Chakra, about 5 minutes each and twice a day. She kept on visualizing white light flow in her Chakras and then to the area govern by them, and her affirmation was that she was slim like earlier. She kept on looking at her earlier picture and gave an affirmation that she was into modelling again. After about working on herself, over about a month, she started feeling change in her tummy, as her metabolism has improved a lot. She started checking her weight and measuring her waist, about every week, and was able to see the weight scale showing reduction in weight.

After about 8 month time, she lost about 15 kgs, which was quite a nice thing and thus she continued her routine. Now, as her body was recovering, she also started doing some exercise as was now recovering fast, which was indeed a good news. She then started giving her new portfolio to the modelling agencies, and was glad to be accepted by some. After some more of hard work on herself, she was back into her modelling world. Now, she also started using her touch Reiki on her face for a better glow and shining, which indeed started showing.

She told us that she have followed some of our articles and after getting the positive inspiration, she was calling us and telling all about her experience. She also promised to send some payments to us, using paypal services, and we gave her our paypal id for the same. She was thankful to our fellow Reiki Master Jitender Kumar for creating this blog and giving us this noble platform to share about Reiki. After talking to her, we were really pleased and gave our thanks to her and our Reiki teachers, including our website developer.

We are thankful to you all for reading, sharing and accepting our articles, and will try to keep you with us till we can.

Reiki Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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