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Let us understand that how do Voice vibrations heal and clear blockages in the chakras

By admin | In What do we do | on October 13, 2010

Let us understand that how do Voice vibrations heal and clear blockages in the Chakras

Friends, we have been hearing people using different kind of candles, Tibetan Bells, Dowsers, Crystal wands, Crystal clusters, wands and many other Reiki equipments for healings. Most of us are still confused on the reliability and the usage of such items in Reiki and why does Reiki Energy Healers need these.

We all know that we all are just a different form of energy and just portray a different shape, color or size, depending upon the environment we live it. Even our habits and behavior depends upon our surroundings. The ambiance around us change almost all and is responsible for all of us. We are totally dependent on the energies around us.

These energies, if get some sort of blockages get more stiffness and are having more difficulty to be cleared off, if it stay there for long.  These blockages in long term may be called a habit. Sometimes, we say that this person is having this or that habit. So, these habits are very difficult to change. These habits need a lot more of energy to change. I just mean that these blockages need much more of time. They need the receiver to be accepting all the energy transfer with full of devotion and acceptance. They may need some more time than normal, but they can change. I mean here that the blockage of any kind can be removed.

However, with the help of some of the instruments like Tibetan bells or dowsers etc. for healing. These bells if played, we can hear the chant of Aum in their Echo sound. We if we close our eyes, can feel the energy flow in our whole body and can see the blockages on our chakras melting and the Aum spreading in our whole body. Similarly, the healings if done with the help of crystal pencils are done with much more energy, since these crystals are full of energy. Similarly, crystal dowsers when also come in contact with any other energy, can judge and tell the positivity or negativity of any other energy by their rotation in clockwise or anti clockwise direction.

So, now we can see how these different products help in healing and removing blockages of different chakras. I will explain a lot more in some other articles too, but I think right now, they may become boring. Concluding this all for today.

Thanks for reading this article.

Love and Light

Vineet Jain

USUI Reiki Grand Master

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