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Is Reiki something like any tantra or black magic

By admin | In What is Reiki | on January 2, 2011

Is Reiki something like any tantra or black magic

Namaste Energies, as you all know that Reiki training started long back with Gautam Buddha, before Christ and after Mikao Uusi, it is in trend. After that, the disciples like us here at Reiki Energy Healers are still trying to spread our share of love and light in this Universe. We have been doing Reiki healing since 1996 and started Reiki Training in 2009. There are some people, who have some misconceptions about Reiki and other spiritual and alternative healing methods.

Sometime back, we were called by some physicians, to stop our practice since we were keeping people away people from taking medicine from them. It was sort of hurting their profession, since if people were able to get healed without the use of any medication, and we were able to diagnose their disease with no use of any X Ray or MRI, it was definitely a bad thing. Some people also came to us as if we were teaching some Tantra or black magic. When we were doing meditations, we use some spiritual music and incense sticks, and this was also taken as if we were doing something bad. It was suspicious for us to close lights and sit with no sounds for some of them, who do not know about meditation etc.

It took a lot of time for us to make them understand about what we do and what were we teaching our students. It was a relief for some, and some even came for attending our workshop. It is always good to tell about Reiki and the benefits people can get from it. Now after some good discussions, we are having some of doctors, cops, lawyers, advocates as our students too. It makes us feel glad to be able to spread the love and light in form of Reiki among all we can. The small negative news we got is that since we taught all the staff of a company, the employer was able to get more efficiency and output from their staff. Now, their staff was unable to take off for a bad health, since there was always one available to give healing.

We are here, still teaching the same Reiki as were taught, however, with our personal experiences, we keep innovating new ideas in our teaching methods and new techniques in healing. It just help them all to do better healings in their life and to be a good Reiki Master in future. We always try to be a role model for our students and try to keep stay in a positive and good Aura.

Thank you all for being here and helping us spread love and light in this universe.

Love and Light to you and yours.

Vineet Jain

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