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is re attunement for new Reiki symbols needed

By admin | In Science of Reiki | on June 18, 2012

Fellow energies, we have been reading your all the emails and comments, suggestions and we are really grateful to all you are doing for Reiki energy. It makes us feel obliged for you and Reiki energy, which is helping our new steps everyday. Since long time, we are asked by our fellow Reiki Masters and Reiki healers that the symbols we are sharing here, need to be re attuned to them. These symbols are those, which were given by our Reiki teachers to us, or some other new Reiki symbols, taught by some other Reiki masters, globally.

Here, we have been telling all of these Reiki energies, but are now explaining it on our blog, so that it is easier for you all to understand and follow. We all know that everywhere, in basic level, we learn Reiki power symbol Cho Ku Rei, balancing Reiki symbol Sei Hei Ki and Connection Reiki symbol Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen. We also learn the separate colors of these symbols and how to use them for clearing blockages and free flow of Reiki energy.

In India and other a few other countries, we are having 5 levels for Reiki, while others only have 3. Out of these five levels, we learn several new Reiki symbols in level 3a (third), and Reiki Master symbol Dai Koo Myo. While in countries where only three are taught, they are given Reiki Master symbol and attunements till level 3 and is known as Reiki Mastership. Some of those who only learned 3 levels asked me that if they need another attunement for these new Reiki symbols. Also, it was asked by many other fellow energies and receivers too, who had just done the basic Reiki course, but wanted to learn and practice more.

Friends, we all must understand one thing, which will be useful for us all that Reiki Master symbol is the supreme Reiki symbol. All other Reiki symbols help in our Reiki and can be used with different affirmations, however any energy, which is attuned with Reiki Master symbol Dai Koo Myo is allowed and able to use any other Reiki symbol, without the need of attunement. Similarly, the receivers, who are placed in Reiki grid for their Reiki healings, for over a time of 2 or more sessions of 21 days each are able to use these symbols. However, they need to have a basic or Masters Reiki course for a better Reiki practice in their life.

I just hope that these words will help you and you will be able to clear your doubts about it and will be able to use much more other Reiki symbols than you were taught. Now, you all can use any Reiki symbol and use in your Reiki healing, without any new attunement and improve your Reiki healings. I know that there are some Reiki practitioners, who may debate that they always want to follow USUI Reiki and it is bad to change or create any other new Reiki symbol. My answer to them all is that Mikao USUI always wanted to help in easy understanding and spread of positive energy, all around the world. He always want all of us to accept it with an open heart and spread it with a pure intention. These new Reiki symbols are just giving another dimension and height to Reiki healing energy. Now, it is becoming easier for all of us to understand, and all religion, culture and custom are accepting it. It really is good to know that our mutual effort of spreading Reiki is going on a even pace and working smoothly. I am sure that soon in coming years, when we talk of Reiki, everyone will be able to tell something about it. Every home will have one or more Reiki practitioners and we will be free from negative energies around us. We are sure that soon, there will be a day when we all are living a love filled happy life with everything we want in life.

I am thankful to my female friend from Romania, Dubai, London, USA, India and some other places, who made me write this article. I just hope that this article will help you all understand what was meant to be taught and will share with your fellow energies, so that they also are able to understand.

Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain



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