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Importance of trust and faith in Reiki healing

By admin | In Science of Reiki | on February 12, 2015

Fellow energies, I am thankful to you all for your continuous mails, suggestions and even what’s app messages, which are helping me and many more in understanding Reiki. We are all in our learning phase, where everyday, every moment gives us a new lesson. I am grateful to my fellow energies, who gave me this platform, where I am sharing all of my learnings in form of article and thus preserve it for time.

Today, I was going thru the offline messages posted on this website Reiki Energy Healers by various fellow energies, where I found an interesting question. One of the question which attracted my attention was ‘How do I know if I am attuned, since I got it online?’ Well, this question made me think about how the world is going thru these days, and why are we losing trust on one another. 

My first thought which came in to my mind was that if we are unable to trust our own self, how can we trust any other. So in order to trust anyone else, we need to trust ourself first. Most of us, after taking any action, start doubting their own self or if they were right or wrong. I am confused that if we start doubting our own actions, how can we make others trust us? After doubting our own life actions, we later criticise our fellow energies, for having doubt on our own integrity.

In order to get trust of others on self, we need to trust ourself first and whatever we do. Similarly, we need to have faith and trust on our teacher, Reiki master or any other fellow energy. If we have got cheated in our past by anyone at any particular time, why do we stop believing or give up faith on the universe?

Remember, whatever has gone, is just gone. Whatever is now, is NOW. Let us just start living in now, and trust our instincts, our own actions and our own self. We need to trust on whatever we do or did in past. Even if we get a failure, we need to continue living in NOW, at that particular time. Remember, past can never be altered or repaired, future is unknown, so it is wise to live in NOW and ignore any kind of repeated mistakes.

I hope you got my point here, and you will start living in NOW. However, if anyone has any doubt about this article, do talk to me, meet me or write to me. I would love to explain and clear.

Reiki blessings, Love, Light to you all and yours

Vineet Jain


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