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Importance of intention in Reiki healing

By admin | In Science of Reiki | on April 17, 2013

Fellow energies, we are thankful to you all for your support and love for us and Reiki healing energy, as it is helping us learn something new every time. We have been trying to meet and discuss about what everyone feel, does, visualize or what symbols they use  during their Reiki healing, while sharing ours with them. Every discussion of ours is looking like something great as we found out. 

We all the Reiki practitioners are using various Reiki symbols, visualisations of certain color, some visualize Gods, some visualize Angels, and some just feel the energy flow  being reflected through them on to the receiver. In almost all of these alternative medicine or cosmic energy healers, one thing was quite common and interesting. Everyone was doing slightly different for every different healing, and none was using any particular method for a healing. This was just due to the fact that while performing healing, we ourselves get the idea or our heart itself work in the direction it wants to work. 

For the users of Reiki symbol, visualization of one Reiki healer may differ from other and even they are using different combination of Reiki symbols for same healing as for different receivers. The healers, which are working with just light, they can also feel that intensity and color changes automatically and it differs from one energy to another. This just shows that every receiver demands a different energy, and as per their blockage, the cosmic energy derives the different itself and flows as is needed. There are many such examples, where we can ourself feel this difference.

Like for example. we have been working on a particular healing using Reiki symbols  Cho Ku Rei, Sei Hei Ki, Dai Koo Myo, Apta and Vasudha. Sometimes, this Reiki healing can just be done using Reiki symbol Rama and Cho Ku Rei. Similarly, sometimes a small fever takes about 4-5 days to heal, but a blockage like Swine Flu takes 2-3 days to heal. This all is due to the difference in blockage and the need of receiver, which keeps on changing with time.

However, one thing was common in al of these, and it was the pure intention of healing. Despite the difference in the use of symbols, colors, lights and visualization, the intention was pure and positive, which helped in burning of blockage and heal faster. However, sometimes our intention for the receiver is just to heal or improve, and it happens exactly as we gave the intention, however, we here give a changed affirmation. We feel them and see them happy, love filled and with their family, in a lively mood. This will help them faster and in an effective way as we learned.

We hope that with this small article, you all will be able to understand that every Reiki symbol is powerful, but with the help of a better, positive affirmation, we are able to perform better Reiki healing. There are many Reiki practitioners, who keep on asking about a powerful Reiki symbol for a particular Reiki healing or Goal Manifestation. We only know that every Reiki symbol is powerful and is capable of a great healing, but all we need is a good and powerful intention. If our affirmation, visualization is good, everything will be good only.

We are grateful to our fellow energies, you all for asking so many interesting questions, as answering them, we learn many new and different things. Thanks to you all, thanks Dr. Mikao Usui, Thanks teachers…

Reiki Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain



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