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Importance of Enrolment in Reiki

By admin | In Science of Reiki | on April 17, 2014

Fellow energies, we are thankful to you all for your regular mails, comments and suggestions to us. We are grateful to you for your kind concern towards Reiki healing energy and our all fellow Reiki Masters of our centre Reiki Energy Healers. I have been personally trying to learn and follow all of your advise, which could help our centre and any of the energies around the globe.

I have just attended a small transforming workshop, where I learned, how to see and understand our own barriers, created by ourself. It was really amazing to see and understand that we all are the creators of our own life, when we blame others for any failures in life. However, once this is gotten, we can easily remove this barrier and we can thus drive our life, the way we want. 

I myself as I shared with you earlier, had been living a life of a football, and was just doing all as I was asked or told by fellow energies. I was taking all the actions, only what I was told to or guided. I made a possibility for myself as being a Hitter (who hits football), and now have started taking actions in my life. I have even started taking sessions with other fellow energies, in identifying their barriers, which result later in removing them too. There, I learned to enrol our fellow energies to our every possibility and anything we do in life. This enrolment is like sharing your life in such a way, which helps our fellow energies in such a way that they are all touched, moved and inspired. The truth is that our sharing and enrolment to others in our possibility helps us and force us in getting our desired break thru. Once shared with others will lead to success for sure, as we know that now every one know about it, thus we need to work towards it. 

Similarly, now on, I am asking every student or fellow energy of ours, to enrol their fellow energies, so that they stick to their path of being positive and share of Reiki energy. We know that there are many around us, who learn Reiki healing, but over a period of time, stop using it for burning blockage or negative energies of any kind. 

After attending and following the learning of this workshop, I am going to implement and share most of the things I learned with you all. I have started working on my upcoming online selling site www.deal4now.com as I had been trying several things, but nothing worked. So, now on this website, I will be able to do selling of my Irrigation or Reiki products etc, with my wife. 

I would request you all to give a few seconds to it, and send me your kind reviews for the same. This will help me in making changes or modify anything if needed. There are a few things, which are to be worked on, like we will remove and change the colours of anything, which is black in colour. This site will be full of any of Rainbow colour, however, the products could be black in colour, as for we are to follow international rules for these. Some of these irrigation components are to be black coloured, so as to protect from ultra violet radiations.

Now, I will request you all, to start enrolling and sharing with your fellow energies in your life. Believe me, this will help you a lot in getting across big barriers, easily. Avoid listening to your inner voice, which is coming from your Brow Chakra, rather you should try to listen to your Heart Chakra. I am sure that with time and practise, you will be able to get your break thru in life, like I did. You can also contact me for one to one meeting and find your own barrier, and over come it. This meeting should take about one hour, and is chargeable basis only.

Reiki blessings, Love, Light to you all and yours

Vineet Jain


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