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Identifying Negative Energy at Home

By admin | In Healings, Success Stories | on May 9, 2013


Dear Readers in this article I am sharing my experience of the feel of negative energy in the apartment where my elder brother and my sister-in-law were staying on rent. 

My brother was into a good job here in Ahmedabad before leaving the city for another job in another city. He was given an apartment in an ultra modern area. My brother and his wife with their petv stayed in the apartment and the distance from our home to their apartment was more than twelve kilometers. So we were able to see each other over weekends or on holidays. 

Somehow I failed to visit them due to time constraint and the distance . They lived into that apartment for one and half year. But during their stay, they were unable to enjoy their life, some or the other reasons used to be responsible. My brother used to remain so busy that he failed to spare time for my sister-in-law, and my sister-in-law’s  pet dog a jet black Labrador would remain  sick all the time.

My parents would visit them often and stay there during vacation for short time, but  my mother would fall sick and they would come back early than the decided date on which they would return.

My brother being a god fearing person would do prayer and light incense sticks every day. Something was too fishy about the apartment. The day they entered the place, things were sour between the couple. They would often fight and call up my parents. My mother suggested them to go to a good astrologer and sort the things between them.

In the mean time I was already practicing Reiki and doing healing too, and was proceeding towards 3A level. At times I would visualize both of them in my third eye as happy couple and surrounded with white light, and give them distance Reiki. I suggested my brother to take bath with rock salt  to ward off negative energy if any. 

He took my suggestion seriously and put in into practice immediately the next day. In few days he got a call to go to Kolkatta , where a reputed firm invited him to join them. A good start for him. But in his apartment  something was wrong, in few days their per dog fell sick suddenly and then in short time died, it was a painful moment for all of us and thus we decided that my brother’s wife should also go with him, to stay away from the trauma of the loss of our pet.

They both before leaving requested me to take care of their apartment and to do the maintenance of it. In their absence I started to visit their apartment every alternate day for fifteen days.  His apartment was of three bedroom with terrace. So I used to clean all the areas myself. The apartment was airy and full of light but then also I used to feel something was wrong because at some corners and in the kitchen there used to be some kind of heaviness. On the first day this was my feeling, but I paid less importance and after cleaning the house I locked it and came back home. That day I failed to go to my class as I fell sick immediately after coming from there.

Again after  two days gap , I went to their apartment for regular maintenance. This time I made it a point to sit and meditate there and see what is wrong. I went to the apartment and sat on the sofa in the drawing room for some time took some deep breadth and visualized the whole apartment as human being having all the seven chakras. I visualized the same for each and every room including the bathrooms there.  Then I drew all the symbols and visualized the whole apartment filled with white light. I visualized all the corners of the apartment in white light and started giving reiki to all. After half an hour I stopped the healing. Then I got up and went into the corners of all  the rooms, and standing there I meditated a bit, I felt bit relieved that I could do some healing to ward off the negative energy. 

The feeling of haunted that I had felt on entering the apartment was gone but I kept on chanting the power symbol during my stay there.  Then I said a small prayer and locked the apartment and left. This continued for sometime till they both returned from Kolkatta.

After their arrival and passing of few days I asked my brother if he felt something different about the place. His immediate reply was he and his wife were feeling better . Before that they had never felt so positive. Still to maintain the positiveness  in the apartment I suggested them that they should ask their maid to mop the floors with rock salt water and I told him to light camphor for the maintenance.  Still I continued giving distance Reiki of fifteen minutes to that apartment during their stay. They could complete their work and packaging in sometime without any hindrances into the apartment before their transfer to Kolkatta. 

This way I was able to feel the and change the negative feeling of a place into positive by my Reiki practice and some healing treatments that I administered in my healing .

Thank you Reiki energy, my parents, my Gurus, my Guide and all fellow energies . 

Jhuma Roy, (M)09427322474

Reiki Master, Freelance Content Writer and SEO.



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