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I am being selfish

By admin | In Blisfully Life Coach | on August 28, 2013

Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all and all of our other fellow Reiki practitioners at our centre Reiki Energy Healers. we appreciate the presence of you all at our blog here, where it makes us easy to share and exchange our views. Today, the article I am writing and sharing with you, is different from the others I had been writing, so please excuse me if you may feel bad and I apologise in advance from you all.

As you all are aware of the fact that at our centre, we are several Reiki Masters, working together, and each one of them is doing well in their respective business as well. There is one of our fellow Reiki Master, who is fighting these days for the survival and working hard in his business for success. We tried to help him, using Reiki healing, providing him business leads, but look like we were doing something wrong. Therefore, we had a great discussion and he was looking like he has started taking things in a negative way and needed some directions and a new approach.

We asked him to work on some other business as his was showing too much of competition and he was unable to cope up, being all alone. He was sounding too much scared of fighting all alone and look like he has adopted of doing things, taking support of some or other. Therefore, we told him to start some other Reiki website of his own. There, he should be writing articles on Reiki healing done by him or other and different Reiki related articles, as we do here. He wanted to start working with us on this blog, which we denied, being selfish as we want him to be self independent. We know that it may take some long time, but once he is able to be self independent, he will be able to grow more. We will however be always giving him support in his healing, articles and promotions, but would like him to be firm in what he choses.

We know that we are being selfish here in wanting her to be on his own, do something on his own. This might have given him a rude shock, but as discussed with our other fellow Reiki Masters, this should help him later in life to grow with self esteem. We had tried helping him, which made him dependent on all of us, but now, he will learn to stand and work on his own.

We would like to thank you all and our all the fellow energies, which helped us in taking this harsh decision, but hope it will prove helpful to him and his family. We just pray and request to Reiki energy to help and guide him to get what is needed for his growth.

Reiki Blessings, Love, Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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