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Huge Ego as a blockage

By admin | In Food for Reiki | on November 18, 2010

Huge Ego as a blockage

Fellow energies, I have many times asked if I am a good healer or not and how can I manage to do so much of good healings etc. etc. I am always talking to all that me does nothing, than just getting all the energies connected and just do a small work as medium. I am doing really nothing, since I am just a medium and am a connection in your bad and good times. What I do is my duty only. If God does not let us meet, I would not be able to do anything for you or else.

It is a nice joke over here I see that ‘ A Reiki Healer cure his own troubles by healing problems of others in trouble’ ( I am sorry if Reiki healers feel offended), but I am just joking, I do not want anyone to get hurt. I am just saying that we all are just mediums or connections. We people are also selfish in a way. We do need your payments, your blessings, your love and all. In this way, I and we all Reiki Energy Healers are much more needy than others. We all are at times confused too and it is important for us to be positive and straight forward. We all must avoid any kind of stress or confusions in our life.

We must avoid being greedy and selfish. We must avoid this hunger of self praise or praise by others. This all can be a cause for the blockage in our lives. This will not only slow down the healing process, but also many other things in our life. When people praise us for healing or readings etc., we must only praise and thank our Teachers and God always. There is really them to be praised and we are only just what we were taught. Even if we do something or some new idea has been generated by our-self, still it is the creation of God or our teachers, who planted all this knowledge in our mind and hearts.

I am sorry, but please I plea you all that you should avoid getting angry on my this article, since I am asking you all to get all praise or good name due to the work you do. Please excuse me and forgive me, if you feel bad on reading this article. The purpose of my this article is simple that we all are just normal energies, and it is our purpose, pre defined by supreme energy to help other energies. We are doing all as per destined, so why should we be given any extra favor. It was just that we were found suitable to find others and make others a better energy transformer as well like ourselves.

I would here, thank you all for reading this article and please only take me as your friendly energy. My gratitude to you for reading and understanding me and my feelings.

Thank you all for helping me spreading love and light in this Universe.

Love and Light to you and yours

Vineet Jain

USUI Reiki Grand Master

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