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How to use rock salt or Sendha Namak effectively for healing of our health and relationships

By admin | In Science of Reiki | on September 2, 2012

Fellow energies, we are thankful to you all for sending us so much of love and positive energy for which we always be grateful to you for life. We know that many of you are curious to know how else we can use Rock Salt (its also known as Sendha Namak सेंधा नमक in India and among Indians).

We have in our earlier articles, mentioned you that we can use this rock salt in our meals and shower for keeping protected from any kind of negative energy. After reading this article, we got a lot of mails, in which many of you want to know some other methods, by which they can use this rock salt. Rock salt is normally available at all the places, and could have different names, as for the difference in culture or religion and language. However, due to the modernization of today’s time and as everyone of us is just running and are giving too less of time for our own self, try to give little attention to what we consume. Because of this only, companies have brought many different products in the market, so as to fulfill the needs of today’s mankind. The packed salt which we get these days is known for its free flow quality, better white color, over all same taste, with attractive jars or pouches. However, in this race for new and latest, we have forgotten the importance and need of rock salt. This rock salt is nothing but simple sea salt, which forms a rock form, after sometime on the sea shore or where the sea has pulled back. For different special properties of rock salt, you might have to read our earlier articles, as let us now focus on the topic, for which I started this article.

rock salt

rock salt


Bathing with about 4-5 tsp of rock salt and consuming it in fruits and vegetable salads or meals is known to everyone and I am sure that many of you have started using it. This helps and works also in doing healing for Psychic attack removal and even any kind of negative spell or black magic. Some people told us that they are unable to give shower or force people to eat meals with rock salt, as the moment they bring them near to rock salt, they try to act weirdly or give some lame excuse and try to keep away. So, we came up with some different idea, which can be used by you all, and is easier to be conducted and helps in many ways. We can put some rock salt (either powdered or rock form) in our Camphor lamp, along with camphor or any incense oil. This will also help rock salt flow in open air and the receiver will be forced to inhale it and make it reach their blood and then to whole body and all seven Chakras.

This small activity will help them in the same way as a shower too, as it will stick the positive energy around our receiver, so it will be in the form of a complete rock salt shower. This is seen to be helping energies with Asthma, Heart blockage and any other issue. The energies, who are having any kind of relationship trouble, can also use it on their spouse and themselves for a speedy recovery, since this will be able to burn the negativity from mind and their Chakras.We have tried this on a few here, and were surprised to see the great outcome, and are now sharing this with you. If you are unable to purchase or use Camphor lamp, you can also use any kitchen utensil and than boil this rock salt as simple and than let the vapor flow on and in to your or any other receiver’s body. I am sure that you will also get the same positive result as we got here, and will share with us soon in sometime.

We are grateful to you all for helping in learning different new Reiki healing process, and yes, thank you dear Manish Dikshit, God bless you all.

Reiki blessings to you all and yours.


Vineet Jain


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