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How to tell that Reiki is scientific

By admin | In Science of Reiki | on October 24, 2012

Fellow energies, we are thankful to you all for your kind comments and emails and are pleased to explain and reply your all requests here. We know that it may be difficult for us to reply or update all articles with in a limited time, but we are trying our best to reply and explain you all as is needed by you or yours.

Yesterday, we were asked by a fellow Reiki practitioner, on how can anyone perform a good Reiki energy healing, and if it was any religion specific. As per her talks, I could make up from her words that her teacher must have been taught as of Reiki as any culture or else, but might have missed its real and scientific logic. After our Reiki grand Mastership, I realized that I have to learn more of Reiki, so as to make it easier to understand, but my first priority was to make it easily understood by all, despite any culture or religion. I have to understand the science behind the working of Reiki energy healing, and how to make everyone, so that all are able to learn and practice.

No, as we all know about Reiki as just cosmic energy and we are using it for burning blockages in this universe. Now, we Reiki practitioners are using different Reiki symbols and just positive affirmations. So, we all should understand that we are using a simple science of symbol science and energy of positive affirmations. This also means that we are using our own positive affirmations and prayers combining with Reiki symbols to get our wishes fulfilled. We here are trying to be more positive, use only good and goal affirmations, in order to get them done. We are here getting our life, filled with love from our beloved, financial gains, happiness in life and everything we want easily, using Reiki energy healing.

We all must understand that our prayers and whatever we say or use is free from any kind of religion or else and is just pure love for our self. It is just done better when it is done using Reiki symbols, for which we need an attunement by our Reiki teachers. Here in Reiki, we are taught to be grateful to our fellow energies and our Reiki teachers and in a way, it is also taught in every religion or culture too. Here, we are being good and thankful to all, so it is just good only, and this now is all just good as it help us getting blessings from all. In every religion and culture, we are all taught to be grateful to our family and elders, and in Reiki, we are simply taught to be thankful to all. So, I think that here, we are only doing something better.

Similarly, as in Usui Reiki, we are told that since it is a Bipolar energy, we must follow energy exchange, which is also just pure scientific and understandable. I am sure that you all are also able to understand the concept of Psychic energy is just to have much better visualizations and adding much better affirmations in our healings. Similarly, Kineseology is also a science, where we can diagnose and burn blockages using sound energy.

Reiki grid also is constituted using various natural crystals and different other such positive and natural energies. This is then programmed in such a way that it continuously send Reiki energy for 21 ays, 24X7, so that our receivers are getting a Reiki healing energy all the time. Using such Reiki grid, we can do a mass healing easily and in a comfortable way, since it is difficult for any of us to send a healing all the time or stay positive 24X7. It is therefore suggested to program and make our Reiki grid send healing to our receivers all the time. The receivers are thus always protected from any kind of negativity or blockage and therefore are able to heal faster and much better.

I just hope that you all are able to understand that Reiki is a pure science and it is for all of us to understand and follow. We should never limit it to any particular religion, and we have to understand that it will help us stay positive and in burning our blockages easily. We are grateful to you all, our fellow energies, our Reiki teachers and especially our fellow Reiki practitioner Ms Naina who asked us this question.

Reiki blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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