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How to simplify distance Reiki healing and make it easier

By admin | In Science of Reiki | on July 13, 2012

Fellow energies, we are thankful for your all the love and support to us, and are grateful for your all the informative emails, which are helping us in trying some new experiments, every other day. It really amaze us at times, to understand that how easily new techniques can be generated and implemented in our daily life. It really is a great pleasure for us all to use our small piece of body known as brain that helps in inventing something new every time in the time of need., It is really surprisingly strange but good to see that with the joint effort of Reiki energy healers or Universal Light workers are working hard towards making this world free from blockage and any kind of negativity.

I was talking to a fellow Reiki energy from India, who is also our Reiki receiver, for sometime, but now a good friend too. He told me earlier, that he was also interested in learning Reiki or any other similar alternative healing method, so that he can help himself and others. This was really a good thing, so I immediately accepted his request and was really happy to know that he was going to some Healing Master with himself and his mother learning the basic level. Next day, I can feel the change in his way of talking and attitude, as I can feel the glow and positivity flowing through his every word of speech. He had learned Psi ball healing method, which was a real nice and easy method to give distance healing.

However, after understanding it a bit in more clear pattern, I thought of using it in our Reiki healing, so that it could give a better impact and clear blockages in easier way and faster time. Here, as we all know that we all can feel our Aura or vibes if we open our hands like in the image shown here.

Checking Aura using our hands

Checking Aura using our hands

 When we open our hands, we need to close our eyes, and try to check if                something is stopping them to meet, and we should perform this experiment in  slow speed, since we need to feel every millimeter we bring our hands close. This bringing together can be started from a distance as long as we open our arms, and than gradually should try to bring them close. The point, where we feel some kind of air pressure, heat or any other vibration, we should stop and open our eyes to see the location. This space we found is our Aura, which is also known as a protective shield for our physical, mental and emotional self. This Aura increases with our positive activities and decreases with anything negative we do, so we ask all to be truthful, righteous and positive to the most of their life.

Now, once this distance is seen and confirmed, we should now make Cho Ku Rei in this open, hollow space, and than should purify and cleanse our Aura using white energy light of Cho Ku Reiki symbol. Now, we should make Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen (connecting Reiki symbol) in golden color, and make a connection with our receiver. If we try to feel our Aura now, it will be in some sort of circular ball shape, which you can hold in your hands now. Now, we should throw this invisible ball to our receiver, and make this connection in the instant, as is needed. Similarly, we will than make Cho Ku Rei, Sei Hei Ki, Dai Koo Myo, Vasudha, Apta or any other Reiki symbol, one by one and keep on throwing at our receiver. We should keep on visualizing the color and Reiki symbol in this ball, which we are throwing at our receiver, and must visualize that our receiver is getting all these shots in full pace. For disconnection, we can use our finger to burst this Aura ball over our head, so that our Aura gets back into us and we take this energy shower on us.

The way we did distance Reiki healing, or self shower, it can also be done for self Healing like blowing a ball using Reiki symbols and bursting our our head or any other receiver, as is needed. This is a small but effective process, as I tried similar on one of our fellow receiver, and he got the result with in seconds. The duration of result may be different with different receivers, due to their blockage or proper affirmations, but am sure that this will help you in better and easier distance Reiki healings. I am thankful to you dear Mr. Sri Ram, for the valuable information and because of which, we are able to help so many Reiki energies today. We are also thankful to you all for accepting our efforts in spreading Reiki in this Universe.

Reiki blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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