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How to show Reiki effect during a regular Reiki Healing

By admin | In Reiki Experiments and us | on February 9, 2011

How to show Reiki effect during a regular Reiki Healing

Fellow energies, we all are grateful of you to be here and share your valuable and precious comments and knowledge with us and other energies. We as always had been trying to share all we can, so as to spread love and light in this universe. Still when we see that there is some darkness left, and we have to enlighten that portion too, we try our best to do it.

Here, in this small article, we are giving you all a small way in where we can make understand our receivers if the flow of Reiki has been with them or not. Some of our Reiki Healers and Reiki Masters came to us with a small issue yesterday that their receivers were unable to feel any positive effect of their Reiki Healing or grid Healing on them. It was but obvious for us that Reiki Energy Healing is always effective and is always working, despite of the effects visible by some.

We talked a bit, but some of the receivers were getting irritated, since they had been paying a lot of fees for their 21 days grid healing or other Reiki Healing, but were unable to see anything positive or else. We than discussed with our Reiki Healing energies, on what we can do, so as to make them feel a difference. Since Reiki Energies are always effective and positive, we asked our receivers to stop paying any further and also asked our Healing energies to stop their Reiki Healing for about next 8-10 days. This small gap should be sufficient for the receivers to realize the difference in their routine with and without Reiki healing.

Since some of the receivers had a lot of dues and want to get out of all these dues etc., we asked them politely to pay a bit, so as to make the Reiki Healer a bit calm down. So, we asked all of our receivers to give a small feed back to us after this 10 days time if their life was similar or had some change. We also asked our Reiki Masters to take out their photos from the Reiki grids, so that the Reiki flow is stopped. Since without energy exchange, any energy given will either have no out come or result in negative only, we asked them to stop till further notifications.

However, we are sure that the receivers will be back with some good and positive news for our Reiki energy healers and will again start using Reiki for the betterment of their.

Love and Light to you and yours.

Vineet Jain

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