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How to read Aura or feel things using our senses

By admin | In Science of Reiki | on July 25, 2012

Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for your love filled emails and Reiki blessings, that are helping us and many others as well for our ongoing journey towards a blockage free life. With your every question, Reiki healing or new experiment you share, we are able to learn a lot about different cultures, learning, customs.

Today morning, we got an interesting email, which was full of too positive energy and we are sure that the Reiki practitioner must be having real passion for Reiki and for us all energies. When we were reading his email, we were amazed on what and how can anyone be so accurate and precise in knowing and human understanding. He want his name to be a secret, but we still will give his name as an imaginary one, Mehul, so we request you all to kindly accept this article and do send your blessings to him and his family. He want to share this technique, which is really easy for us all to learn and use it in our daily life. This can be used by everyone, weather they are a Reiki practitioner or are a receiver. However, since after the Reiki attunement, the Chakras are opened by a Reiki Master, it is easier for them to feel and sense much faster and with precise accuracy, but it always depends on how much one is keen to learn and accept.

First of all, we all must sit in a closed and silent room, with as little disturbance we can get, so as for a better concentration. Now, we should take a glass full of cold or hot water, as is available and should place it on a table. Now, we should keep our palm over it and close our eyes and try to feel the vibrations or waves from the glass. I am sure that most of us will be able to feel it, and after feeling this vibration, we should try a bit more of this experiment, but keep on reducing water and keep checking the vibrations. Now, after some days of our practice, we should now try on two different glasses, one with water, other without water and should close our eyes. Now, we should ask anyone close to us, to shuffle the glasses and we should try to check our senses and feel which glass is having water and which one is without water. Similarly, after sometime, we can perform similar experiment from a distance and using different energies like food or any other. This may look like a very simple looking practical, but you all will be excited to see the results and findings. After doing this experiment with success, you will be able to feel and sense any other energy or the blockage in other energy, without any instrument or machine. After a good experience and practice, you can be better than any X Ray or any other testing machine.

Mr Mehul ad been using this sense vision of his and is able to see thru walls and any distance. I am sure that after sometime, we will be getting many more emails from you all sharing your personal experiences as well and we are hopeful in advance. We are thankful to Mr Mehul and you all for sharing and spreading so much of nice information and Reiki light.

Reiki blessings, love and light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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