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How to put more energy in our Reiki healings

By admin | In Science of Reiki | on July 21, 2012

Fellow energies, we are thankful to you for your so many love and Reiki blessings filled emails and are sure that with a joint effort, we all will be able to change this today’s world. It is really a great honor of us to read and understand your all the emails and than what we feel like is worth to share with others, write here. We are pleased to see so much of efforts being done by our fellow Reiki practitioner from Romania and also by our fellow healing practitioner Mr Sri Ram Bharat from India.

These two are communicating with me since a long time now, and I am grateful to them both for their kind emails with relevant information for some new learning. I am sure that we all are interested to learn a lot new everyday and this hunger for more is keeping us alive and helping us to improve every other day. We are being asked for writing something on telepathy and also on Reiki healing for improving eye sight. I think that today, I will be writing something on how to improve and put more efforts into your Reiki healings, which may be done by yourself and even if you are just a receiver. This small experiment will help in getting faster results for the Reiki healing done, weather its done by yourself or is done for you by some Reiki Master.

Now to enhance or giving speed up your Reiki healing, the receiver should try to meditate or just simply lie down with closed eyes. Before lying, the receiver should switch off any sound making equipments or make them silent, and should play some soft and light music, which should help in a better concentration. Now, the receiver should try to visualize a white or golden color light going out of body and than going over their head. Slowly, we (receiver) should visualize ourselves to be inside this ball and try to look at self, lying from top. Now, we should command our God, Goddess, Angels or who ever we believe in to make happen everything we want and should visualize that it is happening. In this manner, we can heal self blocked Chakras and also can bring our loved one close to us, if this is what we want. We can also visualize our results to be good and positive or see our long pending wish come true, using our visualizations.

During this meditation, we should keep closed eyes and try to visualize all what we want and should try to do it about at least once a day. However, if you feel difficult to do it, please do take help and guidance of your Reiki healer or Reiki teacher, since they will be able to guide you a little better. If we keep doing this, our Reiki healings will get successful in shorter periods and our all blockages will be burned much easier. I have tried this small experiment on one of my receiver and have got very effective results with in a week of working on this experiment. I am sure that you all will also be getting good results after trying this small and effective experiment for yourself and your healing. I am thankful to you all for sharing me your experiments and articles, and am happy to share them here.

Reiki Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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