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How to protect friends or family from Black magic without making them a receiver

By admin | In Healings | on September 8, 2012

Fellow energies, we are thankful to you all for sharing so much of great information and suggestions to us, for which we are obliged and overwhelmed. We know that it really is difficult for anyone to get a news of success everyday, but with the help of Reiki energy, at least we can get you one article here. The articles here as shared with you all are helping us and many of you all over the world and we are sure that they will be able to solve some of your queries as well.

Today evening, we were asked a completely new question, which made us think on how to reply and help our fellow energies. I was talking to a fellow Reiki practitioner from India, who had accidentally witnessed a fellow friend, who was practicing black magic for her benefits. She told us that she had never witnessed such incidents in her life, so was curious to know more about it and asked us on how to protect her friends from negative activity, done by the other friend of theirs. She told me that if she try to tell this with other friends or family members of hers, none of them will ever believe it and might just ignore her. She wanted to ask on how their protection could be done using Reiki energy, without making them a receiver since it was difficult to make them one. She also want to use the same protection for her family and other friends, but it all had to be done, without making them a receiver, since it was difficult.

We thought for what could be done and a good solution for this situation, as it really was a condition, which could be also faced by many Reiki practitioners. We all know that for getting a successful Reiki healing, we need our receivers to be aware that Reiki healing is being done to them and if they feel any significant changes in their life due to it, they should be grateful to Reiki energy. Now, after thinking about it, the simple solution that came into our mind was using rock salt in their shower and asking them to carry some all the time. This may be for the reason for a better protection from any kind of negativity from anywhere, and I felt that all will be able to accept and follow. Since the name of the harming person is never known and negative energy can come from any side, or anywhere, this rock salt will keep them protected.

I had a very little time or I would have also asked her to use camphor with rock salt, so as to enhance the positive effect and burn negative energy easily. We have seen this combination accelerating the Reiki healing for any kind of blockage. I am sure that if any of you also use these small energies for your family and friends, they all will definitely be protected from any kind of negativity and their blockages will be burnt easily.

We are grateful to our Reiki teachers, Reiki energy and all of our fellow energies along with you all.

Reiki Blessings to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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