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How to perform Psychic Attack or black magic removal using Reiki healing energy

By admin | In Science of Reiki | on July 27, 2012

Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for your nice and information filled emails, which are going to be helpful in spreading love and light in this Universe. We are pleased to receive so many of your informative emails and the Reiki blessings for us and our fellow energies. We are happy and are trying to reply and share almost every email and article you are sending us, so as just to burn any kind of blockage and spread positivity.

Today morning, we got an telephone call from a fellow Reiki Master Williams from Germany, who has been following ours and many other Reiki practitioner’s articles and implementing them in his Reiki healings. He has taken his distance Reiki mastership, since closest Reiki Master to him was about 5000 Kilometers that time. Williams has been working on Reiki healing since last two years and has been giving Reiki healing to a few handicapped children and a few physically retarded old age. Since sometime, he has started experiments using Reiki and other holistic healings, which he kept on learning from various Masters under distance learnings.

He told us that he have tried many ways as have taught by different teachers, but found one as a real god one, which he has used with success on over ten blocked energies. He prepared a solution in a glass filled with water and about 10 tsp of rock salt and than charge it using Reiki power symbol Cho Ku Rei, Balancing and emotional Reiki symbol Sei Hei Ki, Master Reiki symbol Dai Koo Myo. He have recently started using Reiki symbols Apta, Vasudha, Zonar and Zohre too, since he found them helpful in his Reiki healings. Now, this Reiki charged rock salt solution is to be sprinkled on the blocked energy, in such a manner that it showers all the seven Chakras. If possible and allowed, the receiver can spray the solution using self hands, so that it reaches and clear the blockage on particular Chakra. Now, the Reiki healer has to divide the blocked receiver in ten equal parts under his visualization, since this Reiki healing has to be either done in distance or with the receiver’s eye closed. After dividing in ten equal parts, we need to purify these all parts using Cho Ku Rei, and than we need to balance and charge using Reiki symbols Sei Hei Ki and Dai Koo Myo.

While charging these ten parts, we can also use various other Reiki symbols, which we know, are familiar with or know them. After charging all of these 10 parts, we now need to visualize the blocked energy as a ball, including the energy’s Aura. This circular ball than needed to be cut into four equal parts, and than again we need to purify and charge these four parts as per the same procedure as done above. This again and again charging is done, just because we need to purify and charge every part of the blocked energy.

This experiment has to be performed minimum of 11 times, one time every alternate day, so that the blockage is completely burned off and the Reiki energy is able to find a clear passage. This Reiki healing process has helped many blocked energies in Germany and various others as well, since our fellow Reiki Master William has also performed black magic removal thru distance Reiki treatments. We are sure that this experiment will help many of blocked Reiki energies, and will be able to heal and help many blocked energies. We are thankful to Mr Williams and you all for sending your kind Reiki blessings and sharing your Reiki elated experiences with us.

Reiki blessings, love and light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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