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How to keep negative energies away from your place

By admin | In Reiki Experiments and us | on March 1, 2011

Fellow Energies, we have been asked some questions, which are really tough and difficult for us to answer, but still with the grace of God and our fellow energies like you, we are trying to give reply. As one of our friend asked us on how can she keep negative energies away from her home and how can she make others positive for her, we were slightly confused. It is now a days getting slight problem and issue for all of us since we all want that the negative energies and bad elements and energies away from us. We all want a good name and at least want a bad reputation or name away from us.

None of us ever wished a bad luck or else coming there way, so we tried to think and work on what else we can do, so as to protect ourself and our fellow energies from it. As we have already talking about using Rock salt in shower and house or office cleansing. We can also use camphor lamp or olive oil candle every day so as to spread positive energy and vibration all around. We must just understand that if we are positive and everything around us, it will help us in keeping negative energy away from us. We just need to know that if we are filled with all positive, the negative will find difficulty coming towards us. Therefore, whatever may occur, but we must always be thinking, talking, breathing and eating all just positive.

By doing so, we will be able to keep all kind of negative and unwanted energies away from us. Trust us that we have been doing it for long and almost all the energies which used to be negative for us or against us are now with us. They are either friendly or positive or following us with our positive methods. We must just need to be positive and have patient to see the results, which may take sometime to show, but we are very sure that these methods will help.

We can also try to avoid speaking lies or hurting anyone with our words or deeds. If we are good and positive with our actions and behavior, we will be able to change our ambiance and livelihood. It may take sometime, but being positive is only good for self and all other energies around us. We just need to have faith and confidence on us and keep telling our inner self that we are positive and we will only do positive actions.

Once this start happening, your world will change and all around will have a new look. You will feel fresher breeze and a better breath of love and relaxation.

Thank you all for helping us share this love and light filled article.

Love and Light to you and yours.

Vineet Jain


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