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How to feel and enhance our Aura

By admin | In Our Chakras and Aura | on March 28, 2013

Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for your so many information filled and interesting emails, which are helping us in a better understanding of today. We are everyday learning something or the other new thing, as with every new mail or query of yours, we are getting a new direction and definition of life.

We have been asked by many of the Reiki energies, on to explain them, how can they identify their Aura, how to feel it and how can one enhance it. It is definitely a difficult to explain here in a few words, b ut still, we are trying our best so that most of you are able to use it in your daily life. This is a small practical elaboration of what we teach our students here, so that they are able to understand Aura, which we also call as the energy shield protecting our physical and spiritual body.

First of all, we should come to a place where we have proper silence or very little disturbance energies. We all should be able to close our eyes and concentrate on our own self, so we should put our mobiles, audio and video devices on silent and there on switch off the lights. We can however play a slow meditation music, so that we can have a better concentration.

Now, we should rub our palms together and stretch our hands to the maximum. After stretching them, we should try to bring them closer, slowly and try to feel the heat or any energy which is repelling them when they are coming close. There will be a space between both palms, where we feel some heat or any kind of repulsive energy between both palms, and this space is to be taken as our Aura shield. This Aura shield is the protective shield around our body, which protects us from any kind of negative energy or help us interact with another similar energy. 

This Aura helps us in a better understanding of any other energy, even if we meet or see them for the first time. Love at first sight also came into exsistance due to Aura wavelengths matching only. 

To enhance or increase our Aura shield, we need to think, act positive and live a positive life. Our Aura increases with any single positive action, thought and reduces with a negative. Therefore, if we are trying to even think positive, our shield of protection will enhance. The finances, relationship, Karmas, life, work and everything will improve with the improvement in our Aura, and we can keep a regular check up of our Aura on daily basis with this easy experiment.

I am sure that most of you are able to perform this experiment and use for self and also share with your other fellow energies. We were taught this experiment by our Reiki teacher Master N K Sharma at RHF (Reiki Healing Foundation), which was than modified by our fellow Reiki Master Navneet Mathur, and now used by us in almost every workshop of ours. We are grateful to all of our Reiki teachers, including you, who are still teaching us with your emails, to Mr Mikao USUi, to every energy around us or even distant.

Reiki Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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