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how to enhance our luck using Reiki energy

By admin | In Science of Reiki | on December 26, 2012

Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for all of your love and support to our center, blog and fellow Reiki practitioners. We are reading and trying to reply your every email and comment, but may delay due to time limitations, so please excuse if we skip something or forget. We will ask you all to keep sending your queries, suggestions and comments, so that we can continue or mission of a love and light filled life with Reiki.

Last month, we got a request from our fellow Reiki healer from Mumbai, India as she want to know on how to make her life with an improved luck. She said that her friends have got almost everything they wanted in life, but she got rejected and failures in everything she liked. She have done Reiki level 1 and 2, and was in a process of self cleansing and healing since past sometime. She was having hearing, speaking disorder, low memory, thinking just negative about her body, mind and everyone around her. After talking to her and hearing about her blockages, we got slight sad and thought on what could be done. After our discussions, we felt that there were blockages in her all of the seven Chakras, since she was unable to work much on herself. We also felt that after her attunements for Reiki, the blockages have reduced and now she have created a better self will of improved future life.

We also have considered that her parents too were having some kind of blockages and having a lack of good relationship, as it could have helped too. But, it could be that they had a good relationship and that was the reason for making her life a bit better. So, keeping both in mind, we started to think and work on how to use Reiki energy for improving and enhancing luck of any energy.

We realized that we can use Reiki symbols Vasudha, Apta, Zonar and Rama for attracting good luck, as they can help in a good relationship and finances. We should be using these Reiki symbols at our all the seven Chakras and also on sky and close our eyes, visualizing that we are absorbing all the positive energies. These positive vibrations should be entering our body through the passage from our Crown Chakra and slowly slowly passing down to Base Chakra and till mother Earth. This will help in giving the full intention and positive energy to our all the seven Chakras in one session as we need to visualize every detail of symbol and passage in the body.

The more we are able to visualize, the better and faster results we will be able to clear blockages that are hindering our good luck. We all know and understand that this worldly energies are all allowed to have a free will and a happy love filled life, but due to our self created blockages, we suffer from physical, mental, relationship or financial problems. If we work more on ourselves rather than forcing or pulling something towards us, our life will become easier and meaningful. Most of energies start to think negative about self or jealous about other energies, which are getting positive results with ease. However, I would suggest all to work more on self, as if our own blockages are cleared, all the love, happiness, finances will come towards us as expected.

In order to attract anything we want in life, it is much better to do self cleansing and healing more, rather than attracting anything, however if we do both the things, it will be easier. Self cleansing importance could be understood as if we are blocked, or our Chakras are blocked, even if we are able to attract any energy, it will be difficult to bring it close to us, since our blockage will only repel it. In order to accept and get better things in life, we should clear our blockages and learn to be a good receiver. Then only we can get and receive all good from this universe and supreme energies.

I hope you all are able to understand on how can we enhance our luck and get whatever we want in life. We are thankful to our fellow energies and you all for making us work on this article and making you all understand it as per our vision.

Reiki blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours

Vineet Jain


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