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How to energize our Chakras with simple and small exercise and simple food

By admin | In Food for Reiki | on January 4, 2011

How to energize our Chakras with simple and small exercise and simple food

Fellow Energies, we are all grateful for helping us in such a great way, and you had been a great source of inspiration to us in writing these articles and helping us spread love and light in this universe. If it was to do all alone and on our own intuitions, it had been very tough to do so. We are highly thankful for your kind support and love.

We have been asked to find and share some simple exercise for different Chakras and some specific food, so as to help and charge them. After our findings and research work, we are here trying to give you some simple steps, which will help you in energizing your Chakras and live a healthier and happier life, without the use of any medication. These small exercise may include some of acupressure and normal workouts.

Please fellow energies, just keep in mind that whatever we are sharing, it may be already told to you by someone else too, since we are not inventing anything here, and are just trying to share what we felt may be good for you all. As you know, that we are just like you, a normal energy, and try to update ourself and just try to share whatever we learn and feel is good for us.

First of all. we will be talking about our upper Chakras. The exercise good for our Crown, Brow, Throat and Heart Charka. This is a very simple and easy to do. You should try to walk or try to do jogging on your toes. When we walk on our toe, as per Acupressure,  our points of heart, brain and throat are pressed. It helps in faster blood circulation in these areas, which helps better flow of energy in these areas. With this small and simple doing, we can clear off some other health disease like blood pressure, sinus, sever headaches, migraines etc. It has been found to help in some cases of Autism as well.

Second exercise we will share with you is for lower Chakras, and it will help a smooth flow of blood in Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra and base Chakra. Earlier as we were walking on toes, now we will do opposite and we will walk and jog on our heels. If it is difficult to walk on heels, we may also try to beat our heals while sitting on some chair and beat slight harder on floor. We can do it for about 2-3 minutes or more, according to our comfort.

Now food for the Chakras is much more simple. Fruits and vegetables which have similar shape as of Chakra may be eaten. Like for example, apple is good for Heart Chakra, papaya is good for Solar Plexus Chakra and Sacral Chakra, Almond and Pistachio  nut is good for Brow and Crown Chakra, Strawberry, Orange, Carrot etc. are good for Base Chakra. For Throat Chakra, fresh juices of fruits and vegetables are good. Whatever you feel refreshing and tasty is good, since almost all the senses invoke your Throat Chakra.

Now, I must conclude with thanks to you all here. Thanks to all of you energies here for being with me.

Love and Light to you and yours.

Vineet Jain

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