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How to do Reiki healing for a better future

By admin | In Gratitude | on July 15, 2012

Fellow energies, we are thankful to you all for your love filled kind emails, where your suggestions and kind comments are helping us learn something new everyday in our life. We are also trying to understand and share whatever we are learning or with your help, and we always do our best to share our new learning with you here on this blog. I have been telling you in this blog that due to Hypothyroidism, I am unable to remember anything for long time, and this is why am updating everything here. I am having a very short term memory and therefore, this blog is what I am till date and want you all to remind me if you want to ask anything written here by me, as I might forget.

today evening, one of our fellow Reiki energy from India, who is settled in London, U.K. and another from Romania, Europe were talking to me on yahoo messenger. We were talking on if there was anyway, where we could go in our past or future and change it as per our choice, so as to reach our destined future. After talking to them, I immediately started thinking of what could be done to make our dreams into reality. I realized that we should always be thankful for our past, rather bad, sad or happy, since it is impossible for anyone to change past. Rather, it is easy for us to change or improve our NOW for a future, as we want it to be since we can never be sure of tomorrow or today, but we can definitely change or amend our NOW. We all should try to stay positive, confident and must live in NOW and should do self Reiki healing and try to spread White light around ourselves. If we try to give up any kind of negative, evil or any other thoughts which may hurt any other energy mentally, financially or physically also need to be avoided. We all must understand one thing that if we are having a bright and positive now, our future will be only brighter and shining one. If anyone want their children to be a doctor or want to be a millionaire in next five or ten years, we have to start working harder towards it now and today. 

Being thankful for even a bad past and grateful for today always helps, since we can only know our life, which is now, and are unable to tell what happens tomorrow. Some people plan for five or ten year later, but I wonder on how anyone can predict their life after now, since death can come from any direction and in any form. Death is the ultimate truth and we can only be sure of our life for this very moment, and can never be sure of very next second of what may happen, is known by the supreme energy only.

However, I will just suggest you all to live this NOW and avoid criticizing or cursing your bad or sad past and also avoid keeping any personal grudge against anyone who might have hurt us. We should thank everyone, since unknowingly, they have given us energy to move further and live a better, new life. We should be grateful to everyone we know or knew in past till now, as its them who have helped us in some or other way. Once we give our thanks to all energies of past, believe me, we will be feeling too much relaxed and light at heart and will be able to live a comfortable life. I am hopeful that this article will help you to live in your ‘now’, so that you are able to create your desired tomorrow and give your gratitude to past. I am thankful to you all for your all the love and Reiki energy you are sending me.

Reiki blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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