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how to do or how do we do Black Magic treatment which is also known as Psychic Attack removal

By admin | In Success Stories | on October 23, 2010

How to do or how do we do Black Magic treatment which is also known as Psychic Attack removal

Here in out daily routine life, we see that some of the people having a negative effect of black magic and are often sad on their condition. We have been thinking if we could help them or treat them someway. However, here we at Reiki Energy Healers (REH) are doing some of the treatments of Black Magic and Psychic Attack Treatments. We take here sometime to share our experience in healings done by us, and we do hope that other Reiki Masters will try to share their experiences and help us extend our capabilities.

One of our neighbors was shouting and scolding his family. He was yelling so loud that even my kids got scared. I went out to see what was happening. I saw some closed door and windows, but can hear the voice from far. It was like someone was too furious on other and like fighting. Curiosity took me and I stared at the window. After sometime, some more people came out of their homes and were gazing at the window. Sometime later, I saw a female coming down crying, and we were all stunned to see her. On asking her, and comforting her, we all were shaken and were unable to give any solutions to her in that instant.

After sometime, when she narrated the situation of her husband, that he was biting all, having red blood eyes and shouting on all for no reasons, I was confirmed with the feeling that it was the case of some Black Magic or Psychic Attack.

I was asked by that female, if I am willing to heal with the help of Reiki, and I assured them that I will do my best. After reaching their home, what I saw, was sad, devastating. The clothes were scattered, the utensils and all the things lying here – there like some animal was there in the room. Than I saw the kids, crying, with tore clothes, and a man  standing in the corner with wild red eyes, and a glare to that of a hungry lion. After our eyes met, I can feel that the man is not onto himself and there is something else, which is upsetting him. The man is scared of me and all the family members. he want to be calm and peace, though the inner negativity, which was controlling him want all of us to be out and he want to kill us all.

Before entering into his room, I have already charged and grounded myself with the Reiki symbols, so was comfortable and secured. What I saw after entering the room was shocking and a bit like a nightmare to me and may be others. The blood red eyed guy was shouting and have all the children standing on the corners of room. They look scared and were crying. I was looking just for how I can get the kids out of that room, so that I can start the treatment.

After I realize that the man is aware and a bit alarmed to see me in the room. His intentions were to hit me with whatever he can get hold of, or bite me, if got any opportunity. However, I made some Reiki Protection symbols on the kids and somehow, was able to manage kids out of the room. Thereafter, I took my Reiki wand (like in movies) and created some symbols on a half glass of water, and offered that guy. In the meanwhile, I continued making Reiki symbols on that guy and showering that guy with love and light over him. Soon after sometime, I was able to get closer to that guy and hold his forehead with my palms over his head, as a great friend or a parent, like am blessing him. I made all the symbols and blessed him with the Reiki energy and bring him calm down.

He than was feeling very heavy, so helped his way to bed, where he lied down and slept as if he had been just sleepy. In next one or two minutes, he felt sleep like anything. I than created Reiki symbols all over the room, so that the negativity does not enter the room again. Called his wife and kids back to room, gave Reiki to the family members, so that their fear may not comeback to them.

Than getting my fees (energy exchange) I came out, paying gratitude towards my Reiki teachers, Supreme Reiki Energy, my parents, friends, family for helping me all the way.

Thanks to you all for reading this article of mine.

Love and Light to you and yours.

Vineet Jain

USUI Reiki Grand Master

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