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How to do better distance Reiki healing

By admin | In Science of Reiki | on November 19, 2012

Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for your so much of love filled emails and suggestions to us and are thankful for our fellow energies who have been helping us in replying your queries. We are also thankful for our Reiki teachers at RHF (Reiki Healing Foundation) for teaching us these new ways and ideas for sharing with you all here.

We all the Reiki practitioners have been asked to teach some better way to perform distance healing, and as you all know that in some places of the world, the males have to maintain a gap or curtain with a female. It is impolite and abandoned to look or touch any female or look at their pictures. Therefore, it becomes difficult to perform distance Reiki healing to them, as even taking their photograph is taken wrong or in a bad way. This request was made by one of our fellow Indian Reiki Master in UAE, who was having trouble in getting or giving Reiki healing to his receivers, who want their mother, wife, sister or daughter to get benefit of Reiki healing. Since he was unable to see them, it was getting difficult in doing any Reiki healing.

After discussing a while with our fellow Reiki Masters, we find an easy solution for this and were now positive that this will be helping you all and our other fellow energies. For this, we need a male or a female toy doll, and while connecting to the male or female receiver, we need to connect the receiver’s Aura with the doll toy. Now, we need to perform our Reiki healing as asked to this toy doll. This may look like similar to what we heard of when some people do voodoo or black magic, but here we are doing all positive and helpful. After trying a few attempts here, we were able to see some good results and therefore we are sharing it with you all. We would love to receive your comments as always and would appreciate if you also share it with your fellow energies, so that they also learn and help others to follow.

We are positive and sure that you all and our fellow Reiki Master from UAE will be able to perform their Reiki healings with success. We are thankful to our Reiki teachers, fellow Reiki practitioners and you all for helping in learning and sharing of Reiki abundance.

Reiki blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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