How to control Chronic pains using Reiki healing energy

Fellow energies, we are thankful to you all, as your help of sending us your articles is priceless. We are at times too busy to think or write anything on our platform, so we are grateful for your articles, which are helping in sharing with others and also learn, what you wrote to us.

Today we are sharing another article sent by our Romania based fellow Reiki Master, as she have been a very active practitioner these days. We use to talk often, but due to our hectic schedules, we at times are even unable to reply a simple Hi or Hello messages, so we apologise her and you all too. She wrote this article on how to heal yourself from the Chronic pains, which comes due to our wrong eating habits, age or also due to infection.

Hello Master,

I am writing to you to give gratitude to you who taught me more then my first teacher taught me and to express my gratitude to God and to you both my teachers the Romanian one and the Indian one. More I would like to be a testimony that reiki can do only good,but it has to be practiced if someone wants visible signs of results. I can only say one thing that Pure Reiki only helps.

As you all know that I am still learning Reiki therapy knowledge but since I learned the basic I can say my life has changed for the better. I began to learn this science because some of my relatives insisted. Since then I worked on myself quasi constantly and my diseases are quiet healed. It was amazing how laying hands on specific parts of the body or just positioning hands slightly above the body could help. The first signs of improvements I noticed were concerning pains. I had head ache and I had joints pains. Also I had gastric pains. There were chronic but sometimes I had some acute worsening situation.

Reiki is an alternative therapy sometimes called biofield therapy and as I talk about me as a practitioner I will say how I feel it. I feel the Reiki energy as a positive universal energy which is chanelled from the universe through Crown Chackra into the body.  It is like a channel is opened up between universe and us. I used it using all the techniques I learned on your site. I appreciate that you give clear tips that we can learn and use for our own good. During the Reiki session body and mind are treated together. The complete healing of a condition need time mostly when it is an old one but at least pains can be eased and also can disappear quiet quickly. Complete healing occurs if the healing is done in more than one sessions and everything depending as I said from the age and type of condition. Untill then the condition remains only pains are gone. I realized that pains can be eased and disappear using Reiki symbols but also without using them.

I will give you an example about how I saved some analgesics from being swallowed through reiki healing. I had to go to the dentist. Usually I am unable to resist there although the dentist use lot of types of things against pain. I always took some medicine for the pain preventively. Last time when I went to the dentist I did a preparation at home visualizing in my mind eyes my tooth on which will the dentist work. I saw it black and I said a prayer I connected and sent white light and golden light on my tooth and on the whole part of zone where the tooth is. I made that black light to disappear and all the place remained in light. More all my part of face was relaxed. It was like I have got an anaesthesia. I sealed it with Cho Ku Rei as we do at other healings and I was to the dentist. There it was good until to a moment where I began to feel again some little pain. I thought pain will grow but I was not sure it will grow or not but preventively I imagined my hand in golden light and put on my zone where the tooth is. Instantly pain went and bleeding stopped. I avoided thinking about the dentist and I was busy with my imaginary hand put on my face and so I could finish my dentist session without using anestesy or medicines for pains. It was really very good. That’s my story about teeth pains.


Similar I can explain about joints pains, headache and other kind of pains. It really works but first all should begin with a prayer to God almighty and to gratitude to those who teached you. Then visualize the white light cleaning the place it hurts and after that saying again a prayer.

I noticed that it was easy for me because since sometime I take it more serious with working on Chakras and mostly on Heart, Solar Plexus and Base Chakras. Cleaning blockages and equilibrating whole body helps us be healtheier but also when we come in contact with the disease we pass through the condition very easy. I will add that thinking to how simple I passed through flu and virosis conditions that other around me had but I was protected, since I was doing Reiki protection for myself.

Reiki helps for the fatigue condition, for insomnia and I use it when I want to sleep but also when I want to wake up and be fresh.

I believe that this will be the medicine of the future. Everyone will be able to heal himself if he respects some simple laws of the Universe and believe in this terapy . Peoples will be more healthy.

There are lot of alternative therapies present in today’s world, all around us. Everyone should think which suits best to him and use it to benefit from them. Surgery and allopathic medicine are also good but I think it should be used only when other alternative is out of reach.

Thank you Vineet for all your teaching and for giving me the possibility to write

Thanks to you Ms.  for writing and sharing your valuable experiences with us. Thanks to you our teachers, our fellow energies and everyone of you.

Reiki Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain