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How to cleanse our Chakra blockages

By admin | In Our Chakras and Aura | on August 6, 2013

Fellow energies, we are thankful to you all for sending us your so many love filled emails. We are grateful to the supreme cosmic energy, our teachers and all of our fellow energies, to bless us with so many like-minded energies. We are at times, amazed to see the pace at which this cosmic Reiki healing energy awareness is spreading. This really is awesome to see so many new Reiki energies, every other day. 

Today, while I was having normal talks with our fellow Reiki Master from Ahmedabad, India, I was told that she wanted to know on how can we cleanse our Chakras, using Reiki. This is usually what we discuss in our every Reiki workshop at our Reiki Energy Healers centre, but are now also sharing with you all. This is a very useful and helpful technique, which if used every day or whenever needed, will prove fruitful. We can use any of the Cho Ku Rei symbol drawn under.

Cho ku Rei

Cho ku Rei

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Our Seven Chakras

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Reiki Shower

Our seven Chakras

Seven Chakras

Cho Ku Rei

Cho ku Rei

Cho ku Rei

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Reiki Energy healers Directory


First of all, I should tell you all that this method is a very simple technique, and can be used by everyone. This can be used by Reiki practitioners, using Reiki symbols and those who are to be attuned, may use any other symbols, which they can visualise in white colour.

First of all, we should try to find a room or a place, where we can concentrate for about 30 or more minutes of time. Now, we should close most of the lights, so that there is just a dim light and then play a slow music in background. We can also burn any incense stick or camphor burner if available. 

Once the preparations are done, we should now sit or lie down in a relaxed position, and should switch off our mobile phones or any other thing whose noise could disturb us. We can also put them on silence mode, if making them off is difficult or unavoidable. We should now take off our wrist watches or any jewellery, if it is making noise or gives trouble during meditation. Now, we should thank our teachers and all the fellow energies, for giving this opportunity to cleanse our own blockages, ourselves. Now, we should close our eyes, and try to visualise the Reiki symbol Cho Ku Rei (or any other symbol, comfortable to us) in white colour light. Now, we need to take this symbol, over our head, Crown Chakra. Slowly, slowly, we need to take it down, into our body and keep visualising it. From the Crown Chakra, we need to see it getting down towards Brow Chakra with same white colour. Slowly, we take it down, passing though our ears, eyes, nose, whole face, and now to Throat Chakra. 

This should continue till we reach our Base Chakra. We should keep one thing in mind that during this whole procedure, where ever our symbol was roaming, we must remember to see that area changing in white colour, after the symbol passed. This now has to be reversed, once the symbol reached our Base Chakra. Now, we need to take it back to the Crown Chakra, and place it back there.

This small technique was taught to us by our Reiki teachers, which was thus modified a bit. We are getting very good results, using this technique and with to hear the same from you all too. We are thankful to our teachers and you all for sharing the new techniques for helping millions of blockages, using Reiki, the cosmic healing energy.

Reiki Blessings, Love, Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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